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    Default How to use LibertyReserve and make millions with LR?

    How to use LibertyReserve and make millions with LR?

    Liberty Reserve

    Is one of secure on line payment system that has been rapidly growth, even marketiva already use this e-currency for their transaction.
    Quick Wallet

    An easy access account that you can easily access to make payments quickly.

    Just like wallet is to your bank account, LR's Wallet allows you to keep a small balance handy for quick payments, while keeping the bulk of your balance in your main Liberty Reserve account.
    Private Payment Option

    Unique to Liberty Reserve, truly private payments.

    You now have the option of making your payment to any other account without revealing your account number - recipient will not see the account number you have sent funds from.
    Live Chat

    Have questions? Liberty Reserve provides personal, live, one-to-one chat with a customer support representative to answer your questions. No more waiting hours or days to get a simple question answered. Our representatives can also push a URL onto your computer as a pop-up so that you do not have to go looking for a particular link.

    You can also get the chat history automatically emailed to you!
    Active security

    Stop Account feature and hacker proof Login page with a custom welcome message that you select yourself in order to see that you are logged in to a genuine Liberty Reserve web site. We do more than anyone else to protect your money.
    Business SCI/API

    The most advanced and secure tools and scripts that allow your business to securely receive, verify and send funds to other Liberty Reserve members.

    Work For Us

    Liberty Reserve Referral Program

    Referred Member


    $0.05 for being referred

    $0.25 for every member you refer

    We invite everyone to take advantage of a special referral opportunity. Whether you are a business or an individual - everyone can participate in this referral program.

    When you learn about the great features inside Liberty Reserve, you will want to tell your friends. So why not get paid for it? Earn $0.25 cents on every referral without any limits. Each member that signs up using your referral link gets $0.05 in their account. All referrals are paid automatically upon successful account activation. It is a win - win situation.

    When you tell your friends or your web site visitors about Liberty Reserve, please give them the following link:[your account number]


    Liberty Reserve

    You may also put this link within a Liberty Reserve banner on your web site. You can view our banners on the bottom of this page.

    Once the user clicks on this link and subsequently opens a Liberty Reserve account, you become his referrer. User cannot change who his referrer is once he creates his or her account. You can be a referrer to as many members as you wish. You will see the number of people you referred inside your account.

    You, as a referrer, will receive 50% of any fee that is generated from that user for his or her internal spend transactions. These payments will be automatically made to your account as long as that user is active.


    1. You must have $10 in your account to be a referrer.

    2. You must post your referrer link on any online page (web site, blog, forum, email account, etc.) Direct referral links entered in a browser will not work.

    3. Referrers that generate a lot of fake accounts will be frozen. Warn your friends and clients not to open fake accounts.

    You can visit

    Put Your AD on 12000 Yahoo Group And MSN Group

    How to Fund Liberty Reserve account ?

    You can visit

    Put Your AD on 12000 Yahoo Group And MSN Group

    How to make money with Liberty Reserve ?

    many great hyip on Best HYIP Rating. The Fairest High Yield Investment Programs Monitoring Service.

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    As for me, perhaps this system works fine, and a person can get a good income, but I don`t think that someone can earn a million.

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