Hello Guys I am A team Leader of this Exchanger site which I will tell you.
This site Only For Indian users to Purchase LibertyReserve As well As Any other currencies on their demands.

As There was Trusted exchanger Netway Now its scammed .

So most of Indian user are searching The cheap and less Price Rates In India To get LR and many Of Big Exchangers Only Takes Huge Money
From Little Purchasers like 60-65inr Per 1$.

So I Am working as A team work And opened this on free domain A simple Web Page created By my self Because I do not want Big Site or any Transaction placing Machine Script.

We sell Many E-currencies
To do that
1. You need to call on given number on site.
2.Can also send Mail .
3. Need to tell you requirement And According to it you will get LR on same day Must be Mon-Friday for Bank Purpose.
4.If Our Team has That sufficient amount we will tell to make that payment on Bank during 10AM to 4PM and same time you will get dollars at your E-currencies

But Only for BUY If you want to sell you need to inform at Phone.

Main thing If you feel Unsafe That site Hosted On .tk Means Free domain Or any issue You ca Visit Us by asking address and can do Hand to hand exchanges In Delhi NCR - India.
Or Can call to Get Complete Information. Because Its only Opened for Call Purpose and to make Full Satisfaction Transactions.

Please Visit Us here - *******ellers