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    Default worldpaygold -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    * We are a real company, extensively verified. That's not just a claim. We are verified by trusted services such as COMODO. We are officially registered in the United Kingdom with Companies House, under the name "World Pay Gold Ltd". Two UK residents are the major shareholders in our company. We have a real office in London where you can send correspondence. An original electronic copy of our Certificate of Incorporation is available at the bottom of this website. This includes our real company details and registration number - all verifiable through Companies House and various business validation services. We are one of the most verified exchangers in the business. Don't settle for businesses registered in shady/unsafe locations offshore or with un-verifiable claims. We not only give you our business information: we prove it.
    * Our own UK corporate bank account. NEVER trust exchangers or merchants in general who claim to be from one location but have bank accounts in different locations- and names! You will always receive our bank details, unless we need extra reserves to complete your order.
    * Secure 256-Bit SSL from COMODO. This means that your information is highly protected against hackers when submitting information to us or while browsing our site. Don't settle for cheap certificates (or none at all). COMODO is the industry standard, and our specific certificate covers you for up to $250,000.
    * Top priority server security. We'll always be here to process your order and help you whenever required. Our security detail includes full DDoS protection from Cisco Guard, ProxyShield traffic filtering, 24/7 site monitoring, daily site backups and sophisticated server software. We also have a dedicated server, IP address and use worldpaygold name servers (verify via whois).
    * Good fees-- But not too good. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. The first sign of a scam is a fee structure utterly disproportionate to current market rates. Our fees are competitive, not impossible.
    * Honesty. We take an honest approach to our customers. We give realistic order times and don't waste effort with fake information. No phony site security systems, false numbers, fake badges, 'Googled' images or photo-shopped certificates that are common practice amongst scammers.
    * We prefer to let our performance do the talking. That means we don't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising - we only purchase basic required advertising so that we are known. We believe strongly in the power of word of mouth advertising. It also means we don't hire "cheerleaders" - paid forum posters to make websites look good. Any testimonials or positive feedback you may hear are from real customers.
    * 10 year domain registration (verify here). Domain auto-renews on June 20th, 2018. We are here to stay.
    * An anti money laundering and KYC policy that don't infringe on your rights. Or in other words, they are not overzealous. However, by having these in place, we consider ourselves a very legitimate handler of funds.
    * Western union details in OUR names.
    * Diversity. We're an exchange for the small investor in China, the comfortable earner in Australia and the businessman in the United States. Our only target audience are those who want great service.
    * Reserve information. These details shouldn't be limited to automatic exchangers.
    * Professional approach. No forum bickering, no answering un-necessary claims about our company. We're here to serve and dedicate our time to customers, not our competition.
    * Numerous contact and support methods. This includes a professional phone service. If we can't answer you for any reason, you will be sent to a switchboard with various departments and numbers available to you in order to reach us as quick as possible or to be able to leave a message with the correct subject.
    * Test spends free. This is a way of getting to know our exchange and how it works - to see if we are right for you. We are the only exchange to provide this.

    Our features list could go on forever, however we understand that you've worked hard to earn your money and you simply want a reliable service that will get your funds from A to B at the best possible rates. That's what we aim to provide.

    For more information, visit

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    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    Default Re: World Pay Gold Ltd - Reliable exchange? This does the job. AAA+ Features.

    befor you decide to deal with them check out this link from the other forum. i made a deal with them since last week and still awaiting my mtcn. .
    now they are on this forum advertising.

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