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Trodex. The most Trusted offshore digital exchanger online.

Attention all Trodex clients! Since February 2008 Trodex will not proccess any order for funding third-party accounts. In other words, every transfer sent should be made from the same account holder both for the bank accout and e-gold account.

You can exchange new currency Perfect Money (PM). Henceforth Trodex exchange provider is an official exchange provider of Swiss payment system Perfect Money.Now you can exchange any amount of Perfect Money in the Internet with the minimum fees within the shortest possible terms and at any time you wish.

Trodex Ltd. offers wide range of rapid e-currency exchange services to individuals and enterprise organizations internationally. Trodex Limited is a BVI based company with offshore corporate accounts worldwide. The company management has over 5 years of experience in digital currency operations and additional financial services.

The main purpose of TrodexLtd.com services is not just a digital currency exchange. Company has a wide choice of additional solutions for most customer needs - being offshore keeps most of our customers having their transactions completed promptly and without any tax-related issues.

Trodex Ltd. plan to continue offering services and developing new solutions in digital currency industry for years. Our main goals are long-lasting customer relationships and becoming leading exchange by offering the lowest rates on the market and prompt transaction processing.

Common Q&A

Q: Do you accept PayPal or other payment methods as credit cards?
A: No, at this moment we accept Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney, E-Gold and Pecunix.

Q: Can I transfer funds to my friend's e-gold account using Trodex exchange services?
A: No, all transactions processed should be related to accounts on your name only due to anti money laundering regulations.

Q: When can I expect my SELL order to be completed (my funds sent to my bank account)?
A: All SELL orders are sent out the day you place your SELL order (or next business day if your order was placed out of standard business hours). International bank wire SELL order members can expect their funds to arrive within 2 days. Members with USA bank accounts can expect their funds to arrive next USA business day.

Q: When can I expect my EXCHANGE order to be complete (my eCurrency account funded)?
A: Members can expect their EXCHANGE orders to be completed the same day you placed your order (or next business day if placed out of hours). Funding is done within 12 to 24 hours weekdays and 12 to 48 hours on weekends.

Q: What currency do I need to use in order to purchase Pecunix (or any other E-Currency) with a bank wire transfer?
A: We accept EUR and US Dollars only.

Q: What is the minimum amount to exchange?
A: At Trodex LTD we offer the best exchange rates available online and in order to avoid certain expenses related to smaller transaction processing, we require a minimum exchange amount of $500

Q: What is the maximum amount for a single exchange?
A: The maximum amount can not exceed $249,000 USD.

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Trodex Ltd. First Offshore Exchange. E-Gold, Pecunix, E-Bullion, Perfect Money.

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