I’m one of admins of HYIP projects. First of all I want to apologize to those who have lost their money in such programs. I’ll tell you about my dream which I wanted to organize. **People invest money in hyips because they want to get the better conditions to store their money than usually provide banks and various investment projects in a real world. But in the Internet it has turned into complete robbery of all participants of this sphere beginning from e-payment systems, hyip program admins and finishing with various hackers, phishers and others.
When I was ordered first hyip project I thought that it will turn into something like investment banking. The most important thing is that my customers thought the same. *First three months everything worked stable and all receptions and payments were successful.* Everything was as we have planned it but one day one of our accounts was locked under the pretext that we were fraudsters. This shocking news astonished us. We wrote letters but nobody answered us. We were asked to provide various documents for official permission to work. Accounts were ******** but with some time passed were locked again and again. Finally all our accounts were blocked and investors’ money lost. Money has never returned to its owners let alone the losses born by the investors of this project.
My dream is a stable investment company, which will work eternally and reliably. I have found new system which after a long dialog with Support Service and significant quantity of calls is ready to accept my terms of work. Swiss company Perfect Money though being new in the market but is located on the territory of country which guarantees and keeps financial stability during many centuries Now they develop one unique evolutionary HYIP system which will amaze all admins of Hyip projects. I cannot tell more. Time will show. *Now I want to offer you to take a closer look at Perfect Money system that in my opinion is ready to decrease fraud to the minimum and show stability of Internet currency.*It’s time to live in peace and friendship and to earn money together.*