Just today an email landed my account based on the information we all wait for from Omnipay africa being Egold's main exchanger.

This email was very convincing but have a look at the link in the email yourself. instead of the letter O they have used the Number 0 in the domain name, and copied the design of Omnipay...

I am 99% sure that this is a fake site, as Omnipay does not write anything about this on their site, nor does E-gold write about it on their sites.

So, please be careful. Even if the email seems to come from [email protected], it can be faked. Google "Spoof emails" and you will know how..

Here is the msg i got in the email.

This email was sent to every member of OmniPay to give update regarding the transition to OmniPay Africa.
Dear OmniPay Member!
After a long waiting period, since May 24, 2007 when the OmniPay transition process begun, today (Oct 16, 2007) we are writing you this e-mail to let you know that the transition process is almost complete.
What does this mean? It means OmniPay Africa is going to open gates at the end of November!
During our transition process we were constantly monitoring the needs of in-, and outexchanges. We realized that the indictment against e-Gold Ltd caused a drastical growth in the numbers of OutExchanges, even tough the charges were groundless. This has not affected e-Gold's reserves any way, because the exchanges were done through indepentent exchangers. We have also noticed that these exchangers were often unable to process the amount of sell orders without transacting with OmniPay, which caused additional panic, and more people trying to sell their e-gold.
Since we are almost complete with the transition process, the management has decided to open the new OmniPay Africa system for OutExchanges, so everyone can complete OutExchanges from e-gold using the official exchanger. We are giving this opportunity on a per ticket basis because we are not yet ready with the completely redesigned site and system.
For every e-mail address we are sending a custom unique ticket code. This ticket can be used for unlimited number of OutExchanges through OmniPay Africa. We would like to ask you, do not share your ticket code with anyone, because that will lead to ticket termination, or even a ban from the new system.
Because of this ticket based OutExchange system you currently do not need to login to complete an exchange. This will - of course - change in the future, when everything is ready with the new website.
To reach the OutExchange page simply click to the following URL, or copy and paste it to your browser:
OmniPay OutExchange Order
If you open a new browser and copy the URL manually (by hand) please make sure you enter the ticket code correctly. Failing will get you redirected to the OmniPay homepage without an error message. The code is case sensitive.
Currently, to be fair, we are doing OutExchanges at the fees we used to do when the transition process begun. The only difference is that we are only able to send USD checks and wire transfers, because our bank account in West Africa is in USD.

Do NOT do any business with them.

Real Omnipay site: O M N I P A Y with letter O.

Fake OmniPay OutExchange Order and this fake one is with the number 0..

Dont let it fool you.