Send Money online from almost any country in the world

Register your account for free, add a Credit Card, certify your

account with us following our one time only, easy and fast

certification process and start to shop from our Verified and Approved

Merchants with the highest safety.

Shop without sharing your personal or financial information and even

without having these information registered in our databases. We will

never charge your Credit Card without your full approval.

Your online purchases are protected and confirmed using VerifiedByVisa®

and MasterCard® SecureCode® systems

Buy our Members Secure Card to always protect your account with us from

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AsianPay Auctions make selling easier

We work hard to protect sellers and buyers.

AsianPay Auctions is our new professional Online Auctions Service

dedicated to AsianPay Members.

Strictly following the basic most important rule in doing business

"Know-Your-Customers", we lower at the minimum any fraud or chargeback


All our sellers and buyers are verified from us before to be allowed to

place products on sale or to bid for active auctions.

You can offer great bargains and special prices using our "BuyNow"


All payments for "BuyNow" Items or Auctioned Items will be processed

through AsianPay Payments following our Buyers and Sellers Protection


The easy and safe way to receive online payments.

We follow a strong but easy and fast verification process for both

sellers and buyers before to allow our merchants to receive or request

line payment and our buyers to provide online payments.

A one time process that makes our system Chargeback free.

A small effort in following our high safety standard will save to our

Merchants losses in sales and money.

Register your account fro free, add a bank Account or a Credit Card to

follow the Verification process and when ready register your web site

with us and start to a safe and fast selling experience.

Sell your products on your web site and take vantage of our full set of

"Payments Buttons" and accept payments for single products or from a

full catalogue with our built-in Shopping Cart system.

AsianPay Payments can be easily integrated in any Third Party Shopping

Cart System. We also provide "ready to be used" modules for the most

known carts system like osCommerce or CubeCart.

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