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A trusted site where you can buy & sell e-gold/e-bullion in Malaysia. Our service is available for both Malaysian and ********* customers.

We will process & deliver you e-gold/ebullion on the same day (usually just within few hours) for order with payment received during our operating hours 10.00am - 10.00pm (Daily, Mon - Sun).

We currently accept payment made in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and United State Dollar (USD) with payment methods as following:

For Malaysian customers (in MYR):
1. Cash Deposit at Maybank or CIMB or HSBC counter
2. Maybank2u or CIMB or HSBC Online Funds Transfer

For ********* customers (in USD):
1. ********* bank wire transfer (for Inexchanges only)
2. Western Union money transfer (for Inexchanges only)

Important note: For secure trade, you need to become a member of MyNetGold first in order to buy & sell e-gold/e-bullion with us securely. The membership is free. Please click on Become a member now to register as member then login to execute the order and follow the simple instruction given.

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Our Current Trading Rate (for Malaysian customers) :

Please check first our current minimum & maximum buy/sell amount

before you place an order as below.

You Buy From Us : 1 USD E-Gold = MYR3.58
1 USD E-Bullion (e-Currency) =


our transaction fee already included
e-gold received fee not included
(deducted by upon you receive e-gold)
minimum buy amount : 10 USD per day per member
maximum buy amount : 500 USD per day per member

(contact us first by call/sms/email if buying more

than 500 USD)

You Sell To Us : 1 USD E-Gold = MYR3.20
1 USD E-Bullion (e-Currency) =


we charge RM2.00 for e-gold received fee & payment

processing fee

minimum sell amount : 20 USD per day per member
maximum sell amount : 500 USD per day per member
(contact us first by call/sms/email if selling more than 500


Note: The trading rate subject to change without any prior notice.

To get the exact amount of total to pay/be paid, please login & complete a buy/sell order form without
confirming it.

Support :

* Call / SMS : +6-012-5724971 (Mr. Danny)

* Yahoo Messenger :
Mr. Danny
Id: woncihon

(Leave us a message when not online)

* Language used : Malay & English (can also speak Chinese for Call only)
* support is only provided during our operating hours 10.00am - 10.00pm (Daily, Mon - Sun)

For more information, visit
Mynetgold - Malaysia Online E-Gold Service Provider - Buy or Sell or Exchange E-Gold in a Reliable, Fast, User friendly and Competent way.

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