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    Default AlertPay - Next scam company looming? BREAKING NEWS!!!

    From investigating the company a bit some very weird oddities came up. All updates will be on our own forum in regards to this, but we wanted to warn all users of as well. For original thread look on:

    Directly from our forum:

    AlertPay seems more and more to be the next big crash on the internet with others people's money. As long as no financial information is posted public, we from Italkcash advice every user to be extremely cautious with having money stored at AlertPay. This company could be a huge scam only waiting for collect enough funds and then disappear from the surface of the planet like we have seen many times before with other companies. is apparently according to themselves a financial company registered in Sweden with the name and info:

    Ceptum AB
    Frösundaviks Allé 15 4tr
    16970 Solna
    Phone: +46 76 832 11 11

    Registered by someone called: Thomas Michael Nordgren
    Some other guy sitting on the board of the company is named: Karl Pontus Ljunggren

    The same company according to another registry is also found on the following address: Strandv. 7 A, 114 56 STOCKHOLM. According to AlertPay, they are also enforced by the Canadian government to be in full compliance with the Money Laundering act. Where is the registration number for this?

    - Although the company in Sweden does not present anywhere that it is registered to conduct financial services, thus allowing them to hold money on behalf of third party. So who holds the money? In what bank are the money actually stored?

    - According to AlertPay all money stored behalf of third party (which they give no indication of where) are safe from bankruptcy. But where is this money stored? How can we be sure its not held in the same account. We can only speculate its not since the company does not give any proof of having a license to do so.

    - Additionally the Swedish company is owned by a mother company with the name of Ceptum Ltd.

    - This if for some ODD reason a British company. The details are as following:

    SW6 1TX
    Company No. 06286425
    Company incorporated: 19/06/2007

    Names such as: JOHN FRANCIS BERTRAND appear in the company registry and DIRECTOR DANIEL BRIGHT as well as we once again find THOMAS MICHAEL NORDRGREN.

    So how is AlertPay a Canadian company? It seems more or less like a EU company, with no apparent presence in Canada other than what they self proclaim on their own website. Even though they call themselves AlertPay Inc. there is no indication of how and why Cemtum AB and Ceptum Ltd are related and why there are so many holding companies.

    There is actually no indication of a Canadian company called AlertPay since all searches for AlertPay failed to give a valid NEQ (Quebec Enterprise Number) result in the Canadian database.

    Once again, make sure not to keep money with AlertPay until we can get a public statement from AlertPay about these questions, as this could out of the blue turn out to be a mess financially if this company decides to pull all plugs.

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    I have heard that AlertPay is unstable these days..i think soon it will be closed

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