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90% Percent of Pet Owners in the United States state that their pet is a
“Part of the Family”

Whilst it is a fundamental of humanity to demonstrate charity and to help those less fortunate than ourselves, it is safe to say the world of charitable giving is fraught with issues and scandals. From outright fraud, to unreasonable overhead fees, to diversion of funds, to lack of transparency, not a week goes by in which a prominent charity is not in the news for such transgressions.

Charities exist across a vast range of societal needs; including animal welfare. An estimated 10% of all charitable giving is directed towards animal-based charities. And unfortunately, these charities suffer from the same issues and scandals. They are not immune.

An opportunity exists to provide animal lovers & pet owners (90% of pet owners in research in the U.S. state their pet is “part of the family”) a means to safely and with confidence make donations to qualified animal charities, knowing their donations are free from fees and excessive overheads, and that their contributions go directly to the animals, in a transparent manner.

This is Where CaliCoin Comes In.

CaliCoin is a charity token focused on helping what we term, “Animals of Determination” (“AOD”) meaning mainly cats and dogs which suffer from a disability and/or are homeless.

CaliCoin provides a 100% flow-through of funds (0% commissions, overhead fees or other charges) directly to pre-qualified animal-based charities serving AODs around the world. The charities can, in-turn, use CaliCoin in a variety of means to serve a wider base of AODs.

CaliCoin donors can rest assured that their donations are helping animals of determination around the globe, and their funds are going directly to helping the animals without any of the issues which plague existing charitable giving options. CaliCoin leverages all of the inherent strengths of cryptocurrencies to ensure transparent, seamless, and documented donations.

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