“In November 2019, Sologenic was nominated as “DeFi Project of the Year” at AI & Blockchain Summit in Malta.”

It is always interesting to see how cryptocurrency exchanges decide to build new projects. In the case of CoinField, (known by it’s continuous support for Ripple & XRP ), over the past few months, CoinField has built the entirely new Sologenic ecosystem, that will provide the trading of tokenized assets, this would include stocks and ETFs, or even fiat currencies.

Sologenic is introducing an ecosystem that facilitates investing, trading, and on-demand tokenization of assets such as stocks, ETFs, and fiat on top of the XRP Ledger. These “tokenized assets" are tradable and redeemable against XRP and SOLO on both CoinField exchange and XRPL DEX

More specifically, users who utilize Sologenic will be able to leverage the XRPL to create efficient real-time transactions. It is possible to invest, trade, and tokenize assets that represent a wide variety of assets or finance-related products on the market today. There is a genuine chance this will lead to a few more stablecoins being issued in the future. It would also be the first time such currencies are issued on XRPL as well.


There will be a native currency associated with Sologenic, this currency is known as SOLO coins, which is used for market-making and liquidity providing. All of the assets issued on the XRP Ledger that facilitates investing and trading of on-demand tokenized assets, including stocks and ETFs. SOLO token will let users move liquidity in different directions in real-time. The end result is a dynamic ridge between crypto assets and more traditional assets.



Sologenic, last week has released the very first native wallet app to support SOLO and XRP Ledger tokenized assets for its Sologenic ecosystem.
The decentralized wallet app allows users to manage multiple wallets, view live market prices, review their recent transactions and transfer all their digital assets from a single XRP wallet address.
Sologenic will be adding decentralized exchange (DEX) functionally to this app in Q2, allowing users to trade securely while keeping control of their private keys.



After the successful launch of the VIP-Pre Sale, CoinField cryptocurrency exchange is offering participants the opportunity to buy SOLO during the public IEO sale, which will commence from February 18-25th, 2020.
This will be the final opportunity to purchase SOLO at a fixed price of 0.25 USDT, before the public trading goes live in Q1 2020. All SOLO tokens can be purchased via USDT, USDC, or XRP during the SOLO IEO.

To purchase SOLO in the public IEO sale, users must have signed up for a CoinField account, passed the KYC verification process, and successfully funded their account before February 17th, 2020. The (sale is not available to residents or entities in the US or Canada)

You can join CoinField here for purchasing SOLO in the public IEO sale:

➡️ https://bit.ly/coinfield_exchange ⬅️

I’m Ripple (XRP) supporter since 2015 and really I’m very happy to see Sologenic join the Ripple ecosystem, so I’m very excited to discovere the tokenization of digital assets through XPR Ledger, and i think Sologenic has made a fantastic utility by expanding tokenisation and utilisation of the ILP.

To support the growth of XRP Ledger, the SOLO core team has introduced a program to offer a bounty to 10 qualified developers or businesses who launch an XRP Validator in 2020.
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