Since the introduction of ride sharing, passenger experience has improved greatly. The ride sharing industry is expected is expected to bloom before 2023. Ride sharing services such as carpooling and ride hailing has gained significant traction from this concept.

If you take a look at the ride hailing industry, there are several players contributing their quota to the development of the industry. From Uber to Lyft, the list is almost endless. But a ride hailing service that is like a game-charger in the industry is the Ride Node platform.

Ride Node is the first US-based ride and transport blockchain and virtual currency. Ride Node is a decentralized ride hailing platform. Their mission is to bring together marketplaces and finance. They accept Visa and MasterCard, Bitcoin, and PayPal as a form of payment.

Problems That Ride Node Is Solving

● Unsustainable Business Model: Truth be told; ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are running an unsustainable business model, as the duo always report financial losses. In view of this, the Ride Node platform seeks to reduce the losses suffered by ride sharing platforms.
● Strikes And Protest by Uber and Lyft drivers: Since the establishment of Uber and Lyft, their drivers are always in the news for either going on strike or protesting. With Ride Node, protest by drivers would be a thing of the past.
● Continued Disregard Of Riders By Uber And Lyft: Whenever riders using the aforementioned services have a complaint, the management of the services treat their complaints with total disregard. All of these are resolved with Ride Node.
● High commission charged by Uber and Lyft: The current 40% Commission drivers using Uber are paying is extortion. With Ride Note, you won't pay as high as this. In fact, Ride Note's Commission is among the least in the industry.
● Passenger Fares are Skyrocketing: Another problem confronting the ride-sharing industry is the skyrocketing passenger fares. Ride Note ensures that passenger fares are reasonable and stable.

Ride Node is currently running an IEO on p2pb2b. Session 2 has already started; you can take advantage of the IEO via

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