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Today Iím going to be telling you exactly how you can potentially make a $100 a day trading cryptocurrency on Binance ( )
Now, a lot of people ask how can I make a hundred dollars a day? So Iím going to be breaking it down all the truths, you need to know how much you need to be trading with and some of the tools that you should be used to in fact go ahead and try and make this hundred dollars a day.
So a quick look at the markets. We are seeing a correction in the market cap is low 300 billion which is not too great big cone we see in 24 hours has taken a bit of a hit.
Theory and a bigger hit and weíve got some double-digit hits as well, which arenít too great. But slowly they are coming down and I think we will see, a little bounce back as we have in the past few weeks with this kind of up and down cycle, that weíve been having with the markets.

How trading Cryptocurrency on Binance works?
As I said before around a 3 % trade 3 % profit trade is doable, if people are telling you like 10 to 15 % a day trading or yes you can. But it really depends on the market. 3 % a day profit is attainable not too far not too, itís not too far out of reach should I say, it is more than doable.
So a 3 % trade if youíre trading with 3000 U.S. dollars. So around 0.5 something like that Bitcoin maybe 0.4 bitcoin, something like that sort of roughly around 90 dollars.
Now there is a 3 % trade. Yes, you can make 5 % trades profit, but when you first start trading a lot of people messaged me saying Iíve got nine hundred dollars, Jacko got six hundred and thirty-two dollars 32 cents on point five.

Final words
The final piece of advice for again the example starts today. Go ahead and go out there making an account on Binance. Put some money in 50 hundred dollars whatever youíre comfortable with and just start making trades, just to start doing it.
If you make a loss, thatís fine. If you make a profit, thatís great. But the only way you can truly improve is by actually doing it.
So, thatís one thing I recommend to you guys. So Iím going to talk to you about how you can actually make 100 dollars a day. Itís not that easy guys. It is doable.
Thatís for sure but itís not easy. Donít think just because you go make your first trade youíre going to make 100 dollars profit. No, it doesnít always work like that but it is easily attainable with a little bit of effort and persistence.
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