Get the best offshore banking service along with facility to buy crypto currencies using Kraken tier 3 verified account. You will get the best limits of 200k per month to buy crypto currencies using SEPA transfers.

You will also get access to your own SEPA account to send and recieve unlimited SEPA and wire transfers worldwide. Don't worry about withdrawing funds as you will get along with this bundle your own mastercard prepaid debit card which you can use to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide. As your mastercard will be attached with an European IBAN current account you can easily add funds and withdraw from your own verified European Paypal account as well.

Everything will be provided in this bundle and full lifetime support will be provided through skype/email anytime you need. You will recieve every documents and information along with phone and email access of the accounts.

This is a must have service for crypto traders and offshore business holders who wants to run there business without any limitation.


OPTION 1 - NO PayPal. MasterCard + United Kingdom IBAN (not possible to add this IBAN to PayPal). Bank transfers ONLY SEPA in EUR within EUROPE (no SWIFT, also not possible to receive GBP as local BACS). Crypto exchange linked. Everything fully verified. All documents included. Ideal solution for anonymous buying/selling cryptocurrencies and anonymous ATM withdraw.Price $1500.Physical MasterCard shipping +$300 (same card as virtual is provided free of charge). Bank Limits:
Send/Receive Bank Transfers - 5k Eur Daily, 20k Eur Monthly, 120k Eur Yearly.
Card Purchases Online + Real Shops - 5k Eur Daily, 7,5k Eur Monthly, 60k Eur Yearly.
Card ATM withdrawals - 650 Eur Daily, 1k Eur Monthly, 12k Eur Yearly.

OPTION 2 - PERSONAL PayPal. MasterCard + France IBAN. Bank transfers SEPA and SWIFT. Crypto exchange linked. Everything fully verified. All documents included.Price $1800.Physical MasterCard shipping +$300 (same card as virtual is provided free of charge). Bank Limits:
Send/Receive Bank Transfers - 15k Eur Monthly, 180k Eur Yearly.
Card ATM withdrawals - 500 Eur Daily, 15k Eur Monthly, 180k Eur Yearly.

OPTION 3 - BUSINESS PayPal (Sole Proprietorship). Highest available limits. VisaCard + Bulgaria IBAN. You can easily open/close new additional IBAN's. Bank transfers SEPA and SWIFT. Crypto exchange linked. Bank is aged for 2+ years with 50+k Eur transactions, thereofre can instantly handle any amount up to bank limits. PayPal Business is aged for ~1 month with few small transactions. Everything fully verified. All documents included.Price $3500.Physical VisaCard shipping +$300 (same card as virtual is provided free of charge). It is possible to have total 4 ATM cards, so your daily ATM withdrawal limit rise to 4k Eur per day (each extra card is $300). Bank Limits:
Send/Receive Bank Transfers - 15k Eur Daily, 30k Eur Monthly, 360k Eur Yearly.
Card ATM withdrawals - 1k Eur Daily, 5k Eur Weekly, 15k Eur Monthly, 180k Eur Yearly.
Card POS payments - 5k Eur Daily, 25k Eur Weekly, 25k Eur Monthly, 300k Eur Yearly.
Card Online payments - 2,5k Eur Daily, 5k Eur Weekly, No Monthly Limit, No Yearly Limit.


Option1 - 8 accounts.
Option2 - re-stock in ~7 days and now accepting pre-orders.
Option3 - only 3 accounts left with no re-stock any time soon.

Contact us for more details at :

Skype: adam.xtubeage

Email: [email protected]



Is the phone number used to create accounts is Googlevoice? If not, can I access phone for lifetime?
---It is not Googlevoice. It is a real European SIM card and will be shipped to you in the same package with the payment card. SIM card works worldwide. SIM card is valid for 6 months. It is important to NOT skip this date and fund SIM with the minimum amount of 3 Eur every 6 months. The easiest way to fund it is by and pay with bitcoins. Alternatively, you can change phone number to any European country real SIM number. Virtual numbers do not work. You will sometimes be asked to confirm some financial operations by the bank, so to have an active SIM is necessary. And final alternative would be that I can keep this SIM card for you, and if you need to confirm something, we meet on Skype and I type you verification code, the cost for this service is free for 6 months, later the price would be 50 Eur/month, payable for 6 months in advance.
For Account from Option 3 it is possibe to change from SIM authentication to Smartphone APP, so you don't need SIM card at all.

Is the card going to be shipped from you or is it issued from the company itself? How long delivery takes?
---I will personaly reship you the card, not the issuing bank. I can do courier, regular mail with or without tracking. It depends to what country I will be delivering. And what delivery method we agree, courier or post. In general should not take more than 10 days within Europe and not more than 2 weeks worldwide.

For how long the payment card will be valid? In case that card expire, how I can order new one?
---Card is valid for 3 years. After card expire you can change address and get card directly from the bank for 30 Euros or I can resend you for an agreed fee.

You said the dedicated proxy is already included. Where does it come from? Is it truly fresh and dedicated?
---Proxy is a real dedicated IP from serious proxy provider and will be prepaid for 6 months, after that the price would be ~7$ per month.

All Accounts already verified or I need to upload documents by myself?
---All accounts already fully verified. However when you receive 2500 Euros to your Paypal account, Paypal will ask to upload ID and utility bill and they will confirm your account within few hours. All those documents are included in the sale.

Paypal account is registered as a company or individual?
---It is registered as Individual in Option2 and as Business in Option3. However, you can upgrade this Paypal Individual from Option2 to a Business (Sole Proprietorship) account in just a few minutes. You will then trade under personal name, not company name, but you will be able to use the same individual bank account you will buy.

What's the card currency, bank of the account? Can I choose it?
---Card is issued from one of the European EMI's (Electronic Money Institution). Currency is EUR. If you don't know, EMI in general is the same as a real bank account, with unique dedicated IBAN and all other functionality, just with lower limits. Paypal is from Lithuania (English language). Person's nationality is Lithuania, male, age 20-40. Currently all stock accounts are the same nationality.

Can I firstly buy account without a card and later if I need a card order it separately?
---Yes, sure. You just pay the difference and I ship you the card.

Ok, great, when you deliver?
---If you pay with Bitcoins I deliver right after the 6 network confirmation. You will receive FireFox Portable for Windows with dedicated proxy setup, separate text file with all login details, instructions and all used document scans.


BTC Only


Lifetime Support Warranty. I will help you out if any issue occurs.


There are no refunds.If you face any limitation is due to your own behavior.

P.S: Due to high demand stocks are very limited as it needs time to create such high quality bundle accounts. So contact only if you are serious about this as i want to do business with serious peoples only because i respect the value of my time as well as yours :).