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1.2 doge every hr.

1b879e3125cdbaf5 2429161 2018-10-13 01:23:02 -0700 + 27.60000000 DOGE

OTHER HIGH PAYING FAUCETS 40 OR 200 satoshi every 5 min.

Mazenbtc -----25 satoshi every 5 min.
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Bybtc ----- 30 -1000 satoshi every 30 min.
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TCYfaucet ----- 25 satoshi every 5 min.
Faucet.forthtrade 11-1000 satoshi Every 10 min!
Ketapang --- 35 -100 satoshi every 0 min.
Bitads/BTC ----30 satoshi every 1 min.
Leagueofbitcoin ----80 satoshi every 12 min.
Moybtc----- Up to 5000 sat./300 min.
Earnbitcoins--Auto Faucet--No hidden mining. doge every hr. ---- 30-1500 satoshi every 60 min.
Dealerbitco ---- 30 sat. Every second
Hollow Faucet ---- Up to 100 satoshi every 5 min.
Cointalk -----19 satoshi every 0 min
Claimfree/BTC---- Up to 100 satoshi every 5 min 22 satoshi every 5 min
Claimcoin24 -----30 satoshi every 5 min.
Treasurebits -----30 satoshi every 4 min
Bitcodigger-High Paying (All in One Faucet) Claim every 5 min!!
Faucetworld--Auto Faucet/Doge 100000 sat Every min.
Claimfree/DOGE -----Up to 1 Doge every 5 min.
Claimfree/LTC----- Up to 10000 litoshi every 5 min.
Claimfree/ETH -------Up to 3000 giwi every 5 min.

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Faucet(15min)+Roll Dice+HI-LO Game + Lottery
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Crazy Doge----Faucet(Up to 61 doge/15 min.)+Game + Lottery

Similar faucets:
Crazy Litecoin
Faucet(15min)+Roll Dice+HI-LO Game + Lottery
Min w/d: 0.0040000 LTC
Crazy Litecoin--Faucet(15min)+Roll Dice+HI-LO Game + Lottery

Crazy tron
Faucet(15min)+Roll Dice+HI-LO Game + Lottery
Min w/d: 5 TRX
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Crazy tron-Faucet(15min)+Roll Dice+HI-LO Game + Lottery

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If you want to work with Pc ,set mining Power to normal and If not set to max &leave it working in the background.