ETH Edge Capital Airdrop
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Proof of Intelligence (POI) hedge fund on the Ethereum blockchain, powered by the HEDGE token.
AI powered hedge fund with the HEDGE token

CoinFit Exchange Give Away!

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CoinFit is a new generation of crypto currency service providing platform.

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Becent-The Next Generation Digital Assets Exchange

PRE Coin--PRESEARCH ( 1 PRE =0.00002670 BTC
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PRESEARCH is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members
with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform.

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HIGH potential Coin-To Moon Soon!
Transparent,Very Strong WhitePaper and Patent Approved!
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Algebraix CEO,Charlie Silver Invites you to join GetALX
Watch & Earn Web App, Coming Soon!

FREE over 4000 NBOX Tokens($100)
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NBOX tokens will be transferred to your personal ERC20 wallet after the ICO .

At Unboxed we aim to create a global Network, where every active social media user can get paid not only for creating posts (as influencers do) but also for liking, sharing or commenting on branded-related content on their favorite social media platform. In other words, we wanted to take way billions of dollars that brands spend on Facebook advertising and give it back to the people social media users.


FREE 25 DOS tokens!
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Spheroid Universe Airdrop
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XrpZero will be on Cryptopia with start price $0.03 on 1st Jan 2019!
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Can check on Etherscan / ERC-20 Token - ZeroXRipple!
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Zichain CEO and Founder Khachatur Gukasyan had a First
Meeting with Colin Lee XRPZERO Founder!& Khachatur Gukasyan is Chief Economic Advisor of South
Asia Ethereum Communities!

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