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    Default More than 800 cytptocurrencies are dead?

    What is your take on 'more than 800 cryptocurrencies are dead'?

    Itís definitely true.

    Right now, there are around 1,500 cryptocurrencies that have managed to list on exchanges and get some kind of traction.

    Out of those 1,500, there are 500 that are true shitcoins, 500 average coins, 400 good coins, 90 very good coins and 10 world-class coins.

    Letís look at the 5 different categories. Have a look at the summary of the complete Top 100 coins for reference. Out of the 1,500 coins there are

    500 true shitcoins
    These have either no actual purpose, development has stopped, nor partnerships or they are an outright scam (Quatloo, Titcoin, Metalmusic coin, Macron, Russia Coin, TrumpCoin, MetalMusicCoin, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Verge, Bytecoin,Bitcoin Diamond, Ethereum classic, Veritaseum, Hshare)

    500 average coins
    These have somewhat of a purpose, but there is no strong team behind it and they donít have a good go-to-market strategy, maybe 1 or 2 partnerships and/or they are somewhat sketchy in various aspects (TRON, Litecoin, Dogecoin, GameCredits, Lymp, Monaco, Groestlcoin, QLINK, Chainlink, Bytom, Digibyte, Decred, Zcoin, BTCP, Navcoin, Populous, Monacoin, Factom, Revain ,Dent ,Bitshares ,ZRX, Cryptonex, Kyber network, Bancor, Achain)

    400 good coins
    These have a good purpose a good team and a good go-to-market strategy, and some partnerships but no special uniqueness or no oustanding tech that sets them apart from competition, e.g. (OriginTrail, Poet, MatrixAI, Komodo, NEM, ARK, DRGN, LISK, Stratis, ARDR, Rchain, EOS, Waves, Monero, PIVX, Enigma, Augur, BAT, SUB, PowerLedger, Steem, KIN,Dash, Syscoin, Storm, Wax, Mithril, Siacoin, Maidsafecoin, Gbyte, Storj, Golem, Elf)

    90 very good coins
    These have a really good purpose, a really good team and a really good go-to-market-strategy, are unique in what they do and strong partnerships (e.g. PRL, QASH, RLX, FUN, ELIX, Civic, THEKEY, WePower, XPLAY, Edgeless, Cindicator, Fusion, DBC, WTC, NEO, Stellar, Ontology, Neblio, Aeternity, REQ, Cardano, Nano)

    10 world-class coins
    These have a real-world purpose and already real usage and revenue, a world-class team and already have strong partnerships with Fortune 50 companies (e.g. IOTA, SKY, VeChain, ICON, Elastos, Nebulas, Ethereum, Enjin, BNB).

    95% of the coins within the first 3 points will probably disappear next year and most of the coins within the last 2 points will also vanish, leaving us with probably 2Ė3 large coins such as IOTA, SKY, ELASTOS, ETHEREUM and 20Ė30 specialized coins, such as VeChain, Icon, Enjin, Funfair, Qash, ELIX, BNB.

    The 2Ė3 large coins that will be the ones, whose tech is vastly superior to Bitcoin through these characteristics

    Please read more here:

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    Yeah, this is not surprising because there are far too many options without merit, so it’s unlikely that they will EVER be pushed ahead. I always prefer options that are reliable much like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

    If we see the industry is growing with over one-third of China’s Global 500 Companies are into Blockchain. It is all so interesting and encouraging; it is must for all to keep watch on this to be able to perform well.

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