EtherSportz The future of eSports online: Win Cash, Ether & Bitcoin playing games you love! EtherSportz is being developed as an online eSports tournament platform for popular computer games. They want to give gamers an easy way to participate in eSports tournaments anytime from anywhere. Gamers can participate in EtherSportz prize pool tournaments and paying a Cash, Bitcoin or Ether entry fee. The top tournament winners will receive 90% of the prize pool generated by the entry fees. The remaining 10% will go to support the EtherSportz platform and pay investors quarterly dividends. ➡ PRE-ICO Bounty $10k @EtherSportz Sweepstakes : The $10k ESZCoin bounty campaign is still in progress! top 10 leaderboard and 10 random winners! will receive a total of $10k. 🎯Join Here : 👉