There are many projects that come in the highly awaited category, but nothing like Celsius; it is THE most ambitious project by the MASTER himself Ė Alex Mashinsky. The guy needs no intro with 25 years of experience behind in the tech industry; it is fair to say Alex Mashinsky is an inspiring name and role models for many!

Now bringing his years of experience into field, it is Celsius that is created to free us from the banking mafias and their monopolistic empire! Celsius is amongst the RARE P2P decentralized credit protocol built on smart contract technology. It is leveraging this new exciting technology to reinvent consumer credit and provide a platform for hundreds of millions of Millennials and GenX citizens to get affordable access to consumer credit.

With such dynamic project, it takes a lot of courage and skills to manage it and thatís exactly what Alex Mashinsky has done! Now we can read his interview where he pours his heart out on here

So, it is the time we join Celsius Network to reshape the future in the way we all desire!