The traditional approach to development of Real Estate in Kerala is fraught with many problems. Experts have cautioned many times the need to overhaul the present approaches and practices. Due to the loopholes in the present system, there are chances for misuse of the funds allocated. Hence the traditional system is a blind bargain and against the public interests.

By generating, proliferating and fully protecting the well-known ills and evils of safe corruption with impunity, it also bans the introduction of new approaches to these outdated one-sided primitive rules and procedures. Thus the conventional discriminative tender notices and one-sided contract documents are a colossal fraud being committed with public funds which is being done with impunity by playing havoc on the economy of the state and the morals of the people.

Due to these safe in-built vested interests of all kinds, the civil engineering fraternity in India and especially in the state of Kerala is not progressive like their other colleagues, experts and scientists in all other fields like food, agriculture, milk, defense, industry etc. Hence unless the government scraps this anti-technology, anti-social, anti-national and anti-public interest prohibitive discriminative and now illegal system, which bans all innovations, there would not be any progress in this basic vital field.

Unless these outdated prevalent methods are changed, the new building material technology can neither be introduced nor will it survive financially in the state. The housing and slum problems cannot be solved without new building material technologies. The new building material technology, which is in the best public interest and progress of science and technology, cannot be there unless the system of discriminative tenders and outdated contract documents, based on poor quality controls is immediately scrapped.