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About Us

The offshore banking world is full of fly-by-night operators, who offer poorly constructed products and even worse, register their client’s entities incorrectly. Offshore Secrets Network has been providing offshore services since 1997 making us one of the oldest offshore service providers on the web.

Offshore Secrets Network S.A. is headquartered in the prestigious Oficentro Ejecutivo La Sabana business park along with a variety of Embassies and hi-tech businesses.offshore bank accounts : our offices, located in the Oficentro Ejecuivo La Sabana business park.

The firm employs and partners with financial professionals in over 13 offshore business and financial centres.

The firm’s principal is a recognized expert in offshore asset protection and international business strategies. His expertise covers various fields including: wealth protection, foreign asset protection, international business corporations, worldwide investing, global banking, offshore online gaming, and international e-commerce.

He has been quoted extensively in the press and consults with large multinational companies for their offshore needs on an ongoing basis.

Our Team of associates includes: Lawyers, Barristers, Solicitors, Accountants, and Bankers, all with extensive experience in “the offshore financial arena”.

The mission of Offshore Secrets Network S.A. is to provide direction for those interested in “going offshore” in many different ways. We can offer you a road map to offshore freedom, including completely legal ways to protect your assets, legally reduce and/or defer your taxes, obtain profitable investments and how to move your residence and/or citizenship offshore.

If going offshore interests you, we can help you! Contact Us today!

Offshore Foundations

In today’s world the wealthy use offshore private interest foundations.
Offshore Foundations are one of the most if not the most secure asset protection tool available in the world today.

Read more about offshore foundations

Company Formation

We have a dedicated company registrations team specializing in the incorporation offshore of corporations in Belize, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Panama, Nevis, and other financial centers.

As professional Company Formation Agents, modern technology enables us to meet our clients’ needs for company registrations quickly, efficiently and without compromise. Offshore incorporation documents can typically be prepared and filed within 5-10 days. The offshore incorporation kit is usually dispatched via courier within 10 business days after the initial filing.

Ready-made companies are also available for immediate purchase & delivery depending on domicile & availability.

Our offshore incorporation & company formation agent services include:

* Name availability check.
* Incorporation of Corporation/IBC with our standardized Memoranda and Articles of Incorporation
* Initial organization of companies
* Facilitation of Apostilles and legalization of documents**where available
* Facilitation of banking arrangements
* Facilitation of merchant processing arrangements

Provision of company kit which includes:

* Certificate of Incorporation
* Registry stamped copy of the Company Memorandum and Articles of Association
* Appointment of first directors
* Organizing resolutions
* Share certificates
* Register of Shareholders

IBC - an International Business Company - is the most commonly used term for what is in reality an “offshore company”.

Essentially, a modern IBC is a private corporation which is exempt from tax, suitable for virtually any international business activity, has a flexible organizational structure, is not burdened by excessive reporting and record-keeping requirements, and maintains strict confidentiality provisions.

Incorporate Offshore Today!

We accept Bank Wire Transfers, Western Union Transfers, Moneygram Transfers, Cash, Checks, Money Orders, and Credit Cards for payment of our services.

We offer complete company formation services in the following jurisdictions:


Costa Rica





Form a Company and Go Offshore today!

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We accept Bank Wire Transfers, Western Union Transfers, Moneygram Transfers, Cash, Checks, Money Orders, and Credit Cards for payment of our services.

Offshore Banking

Through our Banking Connections and affiliations we are able to offer our clients, both private and corporate, a complete range of offshore banking facilities including offshore corporate accounts, personal offshore accounts, remotely managed accounts, high yield savings accounts, managed offshore portfolio accounts and more.

In these days of invasive governments opening offshore or international accounts can be a difficult and arduous task at best - we have done our best to reduce or eliminate the head-aches and burdensome paperwork for our clients via our close association, and special agreements with the various banks, trust companies, and financial services providers we work with.

Whatever the reason for ‘going offshore‘, there are now many jurisdictions overflowing with banks who are only too happy to provide you with private services, once only available to the Elite and Wealthy. And all of the organizations we work with are highly rated, safe, secure, and respectable. These institutions are as good as your local bank at home in many respects and in many cases bigger and/or better.

Recommended Offshore Jurisdictions

Recommended are banks in countries that have strict privacy protection laws. i.e. various European countries including but not limited to Austria, Cyprus, Switzerland, and several others, as well as several Caribbean jurisdictions that provide a safe and secure environment for offshore banking

Learn why it is not a good idea to try and approach an offshore bank directly, and why they prefer and in many cases require new clients to be introduced by an approved representative/intermediary.

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Detailed Offshore Bank Account Opening Requirements are clearly outlined in this section of our web site.

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We offer offshore bank account openings in the following jurisdictions:





Hong Kong




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