Am Not the admin.
I just got an invite and joined :-)

I just joined and paid for 2 spots.
Looks promising, interesting plan using this script solution.
Hope it will be a success.

CASHORBITS is Simple - Straightforward - Stunning

No Referring,
No Selling required

Free to Join and Promote
Earn Referral Commissions

4 Cycles you 1

200% less reentry.

Get in Line. Get Paid
Never-Seen-Before commission plan

Get your Position Right Now While It's Still Pumping Out Cash!

On your First Time Through

Earn $30 per cycle
Earn $2 per direct referral - immediate in your back office
Earn an additional $2 from ALL your direct referrals first levels referrals*

No referring required to cycle and earn

Earn direct referral commissions

Earn additional 2 level deep bonus commissions

Automatic re-entry

One time payment

No Hidden Cost

ZERO admin fee!! (That's right... None!)

No monthly subscription

Payouts to your Alert Pay account on request daily!!!

Cash Orbits Triple Referral Commission Bonus Line! $30.00
Get your Position Right Now While It's Still Pumping Out Cash!

On Recycled Positions

SPECIAL BONUS Referral commissions
Bringing you twice the commissions for half the work!!!
That's right EARN referral COMMISSIONS on 3 levels

From your second cycle you get to earn $30

You continue to earn $2 per direct referral (When Your Members Cycle)

Earn additional level bonus commissions on your referrals members cycling
That's $2.00 Each From your Referrals, Their Referrals and their members Referrals

YES! You get commission for every person your direct referrals bring in to Cashorbits effectively doubling your referral commissions on the spot.

Now you are making money three ways and three levels DEEP.

YES you are reading it right. Cashorbits will pay you an extra $2 for every person that joins Cashorbits from your direct referrals affiliate link.

Show me another Straight Line Cycler that gives you that!

So now you can see how easy it is to earn $30... $60... $90 a DAY or MORE, without referring!

AND...when you refer our DOUBLE BONUS COMMISSIONS means the sky is the limit.

Kind Regards