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Pharmaceutical Investment Group is an independent global investment of private capital.Pharmaceutical funds managed by Investment Group (P.I.G Funds) tend to invest in companies with a value of between $60,000.00 and $115,000.00 dollars. Funds investing in five growth sectors Health Technology and Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Finance and Business relations in the medicine and Forex market. Pharmaceutical funds Investment Group is committing capital on behalf of a wide range of investors, including private pension funds, insurance companies, physicians,university foundations of medicine and other financial institutions.

PLAN : 3.20%-3.80% daily for 20 days,3.90%-4.50% daily for 30 days,4.60%-5.05% daily for 40 days, principal returns in all plans
min deposit :$ 5
max deposit : $ 500.000
ref com : 5% - 6%
payment proc : LR, PM

Got referal comm. Here's the proof : 5/8/2010 08:24 37496917 U3363987 (Pharmaceutical Investment) + $35.00. Keep this great job admin. Thanks

here's the proof :
Got instant withdraw today, here's the proof : 5/14/2010 09:21 37925544 U3363987 (Pharmaceutical Investment) + $2.20. Keep this great job admin. Thanks