I've gone through three pages in this thread and I've yet to find a free surf program that is FREE, gives you a chance to get a Stock Certificate and a another chance to win anywhere from $50 to $1000 in addition to earning for clicking on sites.

It's presented as public service by a philanthropist who says he's tired of seeing people get scammed in this arena.

Here's what an upline passed on to me.

The associate who sent me this says:

"Dr Jon just told me that not very many have signed up for the free
stock certificates he is giving away. This baffles me! Please, this guy
is for real...an eccentric millionaire with an manual surfing site that
costs ZERO to join and you could win up to $1000 just for surfing!

His only request is that you don't put in MLM or HYIP sites, including
auto surfs.

Anyway, anyone can receive the free stocks...as long as you are a US
resident (or know someone in US whose address you can use.)

And surf at least once a day...you never know if you might win!

L.J. Johnson just won
$585.00 by surfing on 1-8-06
William Hicks won $67.00 by surfing on 1-12-06 (unclaimed)
Lucille Rogers won $965.00 by surfing on 1-26
Delores DelGado won $487.00 by surfing on 3-3

Below are tips to get the most of your surfing experience with Dr Jon!

Thanks and more free stuff to come. I have finally caught up with my
emails and will now try to catch up with business!

Dr Jon Tips:
After you sign up, log in and go to "Members Lounge". There you will
have a menu on the left. I'll let you explore the links, but in order
to surf, go to "Earning Options" then click on "Manual/Auto surf."

You will be given a choice of 4 different surfbars. I open them all up
in different tabs on the same browser (in firefox of course) and surf
them all at the same time, flipping thru the tabs in rotation.

The third surfbar has a weird link that doesn't work. I have emailed Dr
Jon about it, but it hasn't been fixed yet. You will have to copy the
second part of the link and paste it into the browser window to make it

Then you have to wait for the timer to get to zero and then click on
the correct number on the grid. (This will be perfectly clear to you
once you get started if it makes no sense reading it!) In order to get
PAID, you must continue surfing and clicking on the numbers until it
gives you the option to "SAVE EARNINGS AND EXIT". There will not be a
number to click at this point, just that choice or NEXT.

TIP: ALWAYS SAVE EARNINGS AND EXIT when you see it and if you want to
keep surfing, go back and start that particular surfbar again.

This will add actual money to your account and you will also get paid
from what your downline surfs and earns as well.

And of course, the prize we are all hoping for is to win a random sum,
up to $1000, just for surfing. No bells and whistles if you win, you
just need to log in at least once a week and see if your name is

Minimum payout is $50 by paypal.

Looks like this one is Risk Free from what I can see.

The more you surf, the better your chances are of
WINNING $$$$ '
Take a look at it here: http://skin99.org/pages/index.php?refid=xpluribus