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    Default adzcombo-

    I am not the admin of the program.

    Welcome to Our Advertising Community ! ...., Revenue Share ++2x2 Matrix ++ Unique Advertising system
    "The YesICan Network has developed a truly unique combo of profit-sharing and matrix participation for advertisers who enjoy a little spice in their lives. Here they can expand their earning power ! BUT as our advertisers are the KINGS, they have full freedom of choice from our "menu" !
    AdzCombo Menu :
    Members may chose:
    +++ the Single Revenue Share Combo ;
    the Single 2x2 Combo
    ++ the Double Decker Combo (the Works !!)
    Either way, we offer our usual superb advertiser value and friendly, efficient member support. ************************************************** *****************************************
    +++ 500 credits on signup !

    Advertise Here

    ABOUT ADZCOMBO....., Revenue Share ++ 2x2 Matrix ++ Unique Advertising system

    Revenue Share Single:

    ** 16% sustainable referral commissions paid on 5 levels:(10% level 1, 3% level 2, 1% levels 3 through 5)

    ** Variable weekly rebates

    ** No recruiting required to earn

    ** Weekly compounding of revenue share earnings and ref comms.

    ** No admin fees to purchase or withdraw

    ** Ridiculously generous 2x2 matrix, takes only 6 to complete. AMAZING advertising value !

    ** Only ONE $25 entry payment EVER ! ( Rev Share members may purchase from earnings.)

    ** On completion of each 2x2, earn:

    1) $65 in cash or adshares

    2) FREE entry into the next 2x2

    3) 10,000 advertising credits

    4) 1 free adpack in the revenue share program

    For more information, visit

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    Referral commission received
    You've got cash
    Payment Details
    Date: October, 02 2009 5:07:50 AM
    Amount Sent: $12.40 USD
    Reference Number: F6906-4ADE5-45C62
    Message: Commission

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