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Upgraded Member Benefits
10% daily for 13 days=130%
Surf 13 sites daily to earn
Be Paid DAILY after request
Minimum Purchase is $10
Maximum Purchase is $1000

Now DAILY PAY!!! 10% for 13 days
Friday, September 11, 2009 - 04:24 PM

13DailyAds is a powerful media platform that can benefit our members in two ways. First, we allow our members to advertise other great money making opportunities to other members in our member base. We even give every new member 100 free credits to try our program for free. Then, you have the opportunity to purchase ad credits to continue to advertise to all of our existing and new members on a daily basis. In addition to advertising, we also offer you the opportunity to earn daily on your ad pack purchase. We pay a daily rebate of 10% for 13 days on your advertising purchase. So, as you can see, 13DailyAds is a very powerful, advertising and money making tool at your disposal. Go ahead, register and begin to enjoy all the benefits we offer.

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