Brand New AutoSurf Program Just Opened! - This is ONLY Seconds Old !

The autosurf industry is currently in a state of chaos following the recent
account freezing activity by Stormpay. Many people are surfing for money
that they will never see because at best those that upgraded their accounts
in other surf programs might get a refund. The chances of receiving any
earnings are absolutely nil !

We need to continue to earn and stay busy to cover those losses right?
Let's earn money while we try to get our surfing earnings back from those
Stormpay crooks! I lost a fortune in 12daily because I was just about to
get my first payout when Stormpay pulled their latest little stunt on us all.

This program has the solution, they do not and will not accept upgrades
via Stormpay which means that your money is completely safe from the
greedy clutches of Stormpay.

They accept E-Gold, E-Bullion, Netpay, MoneyBookers and Eecurrency !

This will be a guaranteed earner with no crooked payment processors helping
themselves to the money for payouts ! It looks like they might even accept
PayPal as well.

Paying 13% a Day for 13 Days for Surfing 13 Sites !!

Admittedly 13 is supposed to be an unlucky number but not for us ! Paying 1%
more than 12 daily and for 1 Day more ! Do the math ! This will be HUGE !

Sponsoring is not neccessary to earn money in this program!

No more worrying if Stormpay will put the money in your bank account or
if their checks will bounce, gold is rock solid !

24 Hour Live Customer Support !

FastCashSurfing has 24 hour live support which is great if you have a question
or a problem with anything. This is really going to rock !! Get in fast and begin
earning once again, we have takenfar too much time off already !!

Yours Sincerely,