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Semantic Earned Revenue

Are you ready for a whole new generation of Traffic Exchange?!

Traffic Exchanges are certainly nothing new, and have had great success in driving traffic to websites and opportunities, but to be honest, traditional Traffic Exchanges leave you wanting.

Over time we've watched and participated in many such exchanges, and to date they've all had the same basic problem, either they do a good job of driving traffic and you make no money from the exchange itself, or you make really good money in a "Surf for Cash" environment and they do a crappy job of driving traffic.

Spladder solves these two problems by presenting a very solvent, completely integrated exchange that allows you to do both, drive good quality traffic, and make a considerable living simply by buying and selling traffic through the exchange.

Take a look below at some of the great benefits of Spladder, or you can get even more details here on how the system works.

Here are just some of the highlights of the Spladder Traffic System -

* Variable Daily Revenue Pool
4% - 12% Daily
Earn on Weekends as well
* Purchase Credits Anytime
Day or Night 24/7
* Pool Earnings Based on Purchase
Purchase between $10 & $10,000
* No Expiration on Pool Earnings
Surf On Your Schedule Not Ours
* Automated Pool Payments
Paid directly to AlertPay Account
* 1-3% Referral Commissions
Based on Member Type
* 4 Memberships to Choose From
Free - Platinum
* Offshore Security
Safety and Security of a Completely
Offshore Enterprise
* Plus much more

Member Types

Take a look at our member types and how they work -

* FREE Member: No Cost
1 Credit for Every 5 Sites Viewed
Unlimited Surfing
1% Referral Commission
3 Ads/Sites Maximum
* Silver Member: $10 to $100
Up to 10% per day
1% Referral Commission
Surf 15 Ads/Sites to Earn
3 Ads/Sites Maximum
* Gold Member: $100 - $1000
Up to 11% per day
2% Referral Commission
Surf 20 Ads/Sites to Earn
6 Ads/Sites Maximum
* Platinum Member: $1000 - $10,000
Up to 12% per day
3% Referral Commission
Surf 25 Ads/Sites to Earn
10 Ads/Sites Maximum

All member types have complete access and are upgradeable at any time! SO ....

Don't just sit there - get off your butt and get started with the hottest Traffic Network on the Internet!

Sign Up Already!

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