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Welcome to yesicanshare.com

A Warm Welcome to YESICAN SHARE,
the ultimate Revenue-Sharing Pool !
If you have ever dreamed of sharing in the profits of a trusted company, you have come to the right place.
YEsICanShare is owned and operated by the growing YES I CAN network, known for its friendly support and fast payouts.

We share a massive 80% of our traffic exchange Revenue and 90% of our other advertising revenue with our Pro Members.
Only $10 per adshare to participate
15% AWESOME return for referral bonus !
We award 12%-15% weekly rebate on Ad-Shares purchased until members have earned a minimum of 200% from our Revenue Sharing Pool. That's DOUBLE your initial purchase.
Manual 15 second surf to ensure your ads are seen
Weekly withdrawals of $5 or more. Payouts within 48 hours.


Little Engine (Free) Members:
Earn ad credits for surfing 25 sites daily
Earn 8%,5% & 2% ref commissions at 3 levels
Must be pro member for withdraw cash
May add 1 site to rotation

Obama (Pro) Members:
Surf 80 sites weekly any time during the 7 days
Earn 8%,5% & 2% ref commissions at 3 levels
May add up to 25 sites to rotation
5% Bonus Shares with 5% matching bonus

Join our Advertising Network today and experience the quality results we deliver to you !

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