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Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 12:40 PM

In this ever changing industry, it is important that you use all diligence when putting funds in any autosurf/advertising site. The admin of ToboSurf has been in this industry since the good ole' days of 12dailypro and many other sites that have since come and gone. I, like everyone that has been in this industry for any length of time have earned some profit and suffered loss as well. I understand how frustrating it is to suffer loss. Having been around this business for several years, we all need to come to the realization of the truth that most autosurf sites do not last very long. The main reason is there are so many admins who open sites with very high daily ROA rates and high referral commissions and these high returns "bleed" the program dry. We at ToboSurf know that the lower paying ROA sites are not as popular but, let's face it, they last much, much longer. I am committed to build a program that will last a long time. What profit is it to join a high ROA site and earn a good profit, then only to find in the end you have lost as much. Another fact is autosurfing is like gambling, once you get started, you can'g quit. So, we earn high profits in the large ROA sites, then in our desire to earn more, many members add more funds to the larger ROA sites, only to find it has run out of money and the loss is great. So, we then realize we have basically broken even. I am COMMITTED to making ToboSurf different. If you want to "hit and run" ToboSurf is not for you. However, if you would like a good, constant, steady, realistic earning approach with weekly pay, then ToboSurf is for you. ToboSurf is run by an honest, caring admin, who's desire is to TURN THIS INDUSTRY AROUND. We at ToboSurf would like to be the leader in making a positive change in this industry. Let's do it! We can make this industry a respectable, honest place to advertise and earn again. Welcome to ToboSurf, where we pay Realistic Returns every day.

Do the math. This is what you can earn with ToboSurf: (1.5% for 200 Days=300%)
$10 will earn you a return of $30
$50 will earn you a return of $150
$100 will earn you a return of $300
$500 will earn you a return of $1500
$700 will earn you a return of $2100
$1000 will earn you a return of $3000

1.5% for 200 Days=300% ROA Total Return
Cashout Weekly (Every Friday)
Fast Payments
Surf Only 10 Sites for :12 sec. to Earn
Minimum Purchase is $10
Maximum Purchase is $1000
We Accept Alertpay, STP, LR & Strictpay

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