I am not the admin of the program.


Welcome to Skyersurf.com
An introduction about the Admin and Project would mean much I suppose thus, let me introduce you to Aaidan Wacek, my friend from Australia, he is skilled in programming and would be managing the technical aspect of Skyersurf, I am Fernando Lucas from Argentina, I would assume responsibility on promotional, payment and support.

Aaidan and I have been involved in a number of offshore investment programs although SkyerSurf would be our first project in the Auto-Surf Industry. We have been working on this project for years and recognize this is the time to spring out when the vibe is down and there is need for a restoration of trust in the Auto surf world. The main concept behind this site is that we want to try to revolutionise and earn money along with members while we have fun and make new friends and partners.

Skyersurf offers everyone the opportunity to earn online by viewing websites posted by other members or by our advertisers, and also by referring other members. We offer our members 10% daily rebate for 13days and 4% daily rebate for 30 days.

Let's continue this at the forums while you discover the difference yourself.

First Referral Contest Begins; Earn Cash and Credit Bonuses

Choose the programme package that is right for you; Unlimited Skyer Package and Silver Skyer Package are excellent options for your earning opportunity.

Referral Commission Plan
While referring others is not a requirement to earn at Skyersurf, but for those who refer other like-minded people into this awesome opportunity, they will be hugely compensated. They will be paid 6% commission on everyone they directly refer and 3% referral commission on indirect referral. With our referral commission system, it's possible to earn $800 or more monthly just referring friends.

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