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12x12daily.net is excellent traffic exchange and advertising system for all websites. You may advertise any website you wish. We will bring honesty & stability back to the surfing industry.
Purchase UNITS from 12x12daily and we'll give you a daily percentage for surfing interesting websites. Daily percentage is based on the previous days Units purchases. Surf 12 sites and earn the daily percentage every day until you have made your target 144% of your Units (Ad Pack) purchase. Your Units will expire when you have made your target 144% of your Units.
We offer a cash bonus that allows you to get to your target (144%) much earlier than normal. To obtain your daily bonus percentage you only need to surf 12 extra pages. The bonus will be added to your account daily until you reach the target 144%.
Once one of your Units reachs its 144% target you can make withdrawal order then we will process your order and transfare money to your own Alertpay, Perfectmoney, Ecumoney or LibertyReserve account.

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