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Welcome at ElixirSurf.com, the new generation of autosurf. In order to earn, you have to participate as an upgraded elixirsurf Member. Minimum membership participation is US$6.00 and the maximum is US$20,000.00.

Once You are a member of Elixirsurf, you're required to claim an elixir ads packages. Each packages you claim gives you 60 Advertising Credits you can use to advertise to all Elixirsurf members. Also elixirsurf packages pays you back 12% daily profit when you view 12 of our advertisers ads for 12 days (144% return).

ElixirSurf.com is a mix between an investment program and advertising programm. Upgrades are considered as deposits, and as advertising credits or points. We do however, give you the chance to earn profits through our advertising/investments program. 12% daily for 12 days is our offer to you. We also give you an opportunity to earn by referring people to our program. An attractive commission of 3% for free members and 6% for upgraded members is given automatically to the successful and qualified referrers.

Our main difference :
Time is come to say more about our plans. A part of ElixirfSurf team have a great experience in forex market using best brookers, and the other part is experimented in sporting bet. This great mix allow us to offer this famous 12 daily plan with more assurance than other. When other use new income to pay old investors, ElixirSurf generate profits to pay everyone, using real market possibilies to etablish a business for many years.

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