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What is 16dailypro.us?

16dailypro was specifically made with the professional online marketer in mind. We have found the way to maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. A few minutes of Your time each day will do, with 16dailypro You only need to login and watch 16 sites every 24 hours to get paid 7% of Your current level. That's 7% daily and for 16 days!
The First thing that you need to do is create a FREE membership with 16dailypro. You are given 16 FREE credits and a FREE 7 day test drive during which you can advertise your site, get accustomed to 16dailypro and decide if you like the program
If you don't purchase an upgrade membership or surf-login etc... for 7 days your FREE membership you are automatically removed for our program.

Free member

* Signup free
* 16 credits bonus
* 16 second timer
* Surf 16 sites daily
* 1% referral commissions
* 1 free sites allowed
* Min cashout: 6$

Vip member

* Earn 7% daily for 16 days
* 6% referral commissions
* FREE 100 credits
* Priced $10 to $500
* Only Surf 16 sites daily to earn
* No min cashout

Pro member

* Earn 8% daily for 16 days
* 8% referral commissions
* FREE 200 credits
* Priced $501 to $10.000
* Only Surf 8 sites daily to earn
* No min cashout

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