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Pre-Launch. Full launch on Saturday 27th of february 2009

Hello and welcome to Rapidearners.com! I am Natalie Norman from Canada. I am presenting to you a rapid effective way of earning and promoting through my program.

Rapidearners is a great mix of advertising and investment system for all of us to benefit from advertising; we offer an opportunity to earn rapid money online by viewing other members and our advertisers' websites.

Our members earn a stable 12% daily for viewing 12 sites, and at the end of 12 days, our members earn 144% of their Ad packs worth. We also offer an opportunity to earn by referring people to our program. An attractive commission of 4% for the first levels and 2% for the 2nd level and 1% 3rd level is given automatically to the successful and qualified referrers. One should have an upgraded account status before being able to earn commission from their downlines.

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