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At CashProfitAds you are paid to view advertiser's websites. In order to earn, you have to participate as an upgraded Gold Member. Minimum membership participation is US$10.00 and the maximum is USD14,000.00.
Once You are a member of CashProfitads, you're required to claim a profit point. Each profit point you claim gives you 50 Advertising Credits you can use to advertise to all CashProfitads members. Also each profit point pays you back 10% daily profit when you view 10 of our advertisers ads for 14 days (140% return).


Sponsorship is not required to earn but if you do, each time your direct referrals Purchase point in the CashProfitads point, you simply earn up to 6% direct Bonus Commission.

Another good thing about the cashprofitads Referral Plan: is that; it doesn't just pay you referral bonuses on level one alone. You are also paid additional 4.0% indirect Ref. Bonus on your 2nd level level indirect referrals. It pays commission two levels deep. Meaning, when the people you directly refer, bring in others that purchase Profit point, you still will earn referral bonuses.

The simple thing to do right now is to click on the sign up form below to create your account today.

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