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Short Summary
Surf-6.com(S6) is an online AutoSurf and Investment program dedicated in supplying you with the most premium chance to inpreciate your money.The major income sources of Surf-6 aren't Traffic Exchanger and Advertisement Sales,but Forex Tradings.We have a specialists team having the best technial strategic decisions and experience of tradings and management.Please don't ask us where and why we can earn so much profits.The most important and exciting fact is we REALLY can do it and you will be paid timely day by day.We offer 6% daily for 25 days surfing-plan for upgraded members. You must surf everyday to have earnings credit to your account,or you will lose that day's profit.In addition,you can cashout your earnings everyday and don't need to withdraw them when your upgraded units are expired.We also give all our clients two levels referral commissions.1st level commission is 6% and 2nd level commission is 2% for upgraded members, and for free members,they are 3% and 1%.You can also cashout them daily.

50 credits signup bonus
3% 1st level commission
1% 2nd level commission
10 seconds timer
Add only 1 website
Surf for credits only
Cashout commission daily
Surf upto 100 pages everyday

Earn 6% daily for 25 days
Per upgrade unit $6
Cashout everyday
Add upto 16 websites
Surf 10 pages to earn
6% 1st level commission
2% 2nd level commission
Surf upto 200 pages everyday

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