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About AVG

Ad View Global (AVGlobal) is an Internet Advertising Company, who specializes in very diverse and effective advertising avenues at half the cost of other companies. AVGlobal also gives any advertiser the ability to become a member, which allows them to get paid by becoming part of our Advance Advertising Network or The VIP Program Each advertiser has the possibility of a financial benefit in several ways:

1. Advertise their website for sales, service, and information. Each member may have up to five websites for advertising
2. Get paid from our VIP program to view the websites of our collective group of members. There is no purchase required from these sites. Each day, to be paid, each member must view 24 websites that are on automatic rotation on the Ad View Global Website. You may involve other people to join as members, but this is not a requirement. Yet should you sell advertising to another business owner there is a commission paid on this sale.

Each member may decide how he/she would like take advantage of these options. Ad View Global sells Page Impressions to members. One dollar equals one Page Impression, which is one viewing of your website by members in the rotation. Your website is guaranteed to be viewed by the amount you spend for viewing in the rotation.

At the completion of each day, all the members who have viewed the 24 websites in the rotation will be paid from the VIP program. There is no requirement for purchasing from these sites. The work that you will be paid for is for viewing each site for 15 seconds. The payment for each member is calculated by a simple formula and it is called Viewing Incentives. We take all monies paid in for Page Impressions that day (ending at 12:01 am, CST) and divide it by 50%. That 50% is divided among the members and allocated to their account according to the amount of Page Impressions they have purchased . You may cash out or re-purchase additional Page Impressions. You will be paid Viewing Incentives on your total page impressions purchased for 150 days. This formula is used each day to allocate funds.

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