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Grand Earners is an autosurf and traffic exchange website that allows its members to earn money and advertising credits just by watching a short slideshow of 10 sites in autosurf rotation. Our program is similar to your local ********** where you can sit, relax and look at advertisements. The difference between our program and your local ********** is that we pay to you for surfing and watching our advertisers' websites, whereas your local TV station allows you to watch TV programs for free. We are here to bring you a professional advertising service creating a very effective way to maximize your websites traffic. Your advertising success will be accomplished by our dedicated staff team who will look after your best interests and also provide you a noticeable profit of 30% from your advertising purchase.

As a grand member of our program you have the right to advertise up to three sites in our autosurf rotation and you will earn 3% daily of your cash level (active upgrades) for surfing at least 10 pages a day for 10 days and you can manually cashout your earnings every day whereas the amount of your active upgrade will automatically cashout right after your upgrade expiration.

Free membership for 30 days
Advertise 1 site in our autosurf rotation
1% Referral commission
Request cashout anytime (No minimum required)
Payout within 72 hours

Earn 3% daily for 10 days
Request cashout anytime (No minimum required)
Principal return upon upgrade expiry
5% Referral commission
Payout within 72 hours

For more information, visit
GRAND EARNERS - Your Window To Grand Earnings

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