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Love, Care and Trust are the three most important Factors we have on earth, But people fail to Understand that by mistaking it for Money.

First of all, very welcome to MegaMultiplex. I am John Kyle, administrator of this program. There are more than 3 years I'm in the online investment industry, as an investor I saw many programs arise and close, many administrators scamming people due to lack of maturity we had in this Industry some time ago. Fortunately this time is over, and that is why I present to you MegaMultiplex.
MegaMultiplex is a program of reasonable earnings destined for the inexperienced investor. We do not offer very high profits, precisely because our business is based on the confidence of our customers. From the moment we gain the confidence of our clients then we will be able to introduce our plan of development. Since 2003 I participate in affiliate programs, which I have yielded good profits combined with other small businesses that I believe helped me to sustain the investments plans of MegaMultiplex

6% daily for 24 days
Surf 10 sites daily
10 free credits for signup
Withdraw daily
First 30 active member with at least 5ads pack will receive one unit for free
5% referral commission

5% for 30 days
Non surfing Plan.
10 free credits for signup
Withdraw after expiry
all earnings are paid after expiry
5% referral commission
Starting an investment program is not an easy task. Thatís why I will make of MegaMultiplex something different, I invested a good part of my recent earnings in this project and want to really take it very far. If you believe that offering high profits is not the solution to create good investment programs, if you believe to be the best is first and foremost take care of our customers then you're in the right place. And I invite you to use our services.

We Accept LIberty Reserve, Altergold and Perfect Money.
For more information, visit

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.