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"Money is the opposite of the weather. Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it."
About us:

11for11daily.com, is a stable advertising platform where you can earn money for visiting websites. Advertise with us and reach the most people you can, while spending as little as possible. Our members have the unique ability to advertise their sites to people that are interested in their products and sites. Not only do they have the ability to advertise their sites or products, but they also have the opportunity to receive a amount of commissions from their daily advertising viewings.

Before introducing the program, let me introduce myself, I am Paul Krugman , original from Long Island. I'm just a silent investor who decided to check online auto surfing websites, I have been checking this industry for a few years, since Dad'n'Daves, 12DailyPro and etc.

After all these years, I realized that this industry was going deep down, programs lasting for a shorter and shorter period of time, a lot of people, including administrators, doing the so called HAR (hit and run), all these things added up to a financial crisis on the world, made this industry what it is today.

I have enough money to cover all advertising expenses and to sustain the first few weeks/months of the program, as there won't be enough money to do the trading. I believe that building confidence is a good thing, a lot of people do that and scam, that is not going to happen, as the program is going to be based on my own personal money, I am taking a risk to make sure this program will be different from the usual. After some time, members money will be enough to do the trading and continue paying profits as usual.

Some of our features are:

* 11% for 11 days
* 6% referral commission
* Withdrawals are paid at expiry.
* Earnings are credited every calendar day, including holidays and weekends.
* You get paid (both for referral commissions and program earnings) only to the payment processor you upgraded with.

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