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What is Surfovat?
Surfovat is a Traffic Exchange program, where you purchase upgrade packages, and browse some pages every day to earn a certain percentage of earnings.

What is the return on upgrade packages?
You get paid 12% for 12 days, in a total of 144%.

How do I get paid?
You get paid after your upgrade expired. No request cashout and it will be paid manually.

Do I get my principle back?
No, your purchase of upgrade packages is non refundable.

Can I have more than one active upgrade package on any particular time?
You can have up to a maximum of 12 active upgrades or total of cash amount not more than $2000 or 400 packages at same time as you like.

Do I have to surf everyday, for 12 days?
Yes, you need to surf everyday in order to get your daily earnings.

Can i have my earning paid to other processor?
No, you payout will only paid to the same payment processor you upgraded from.

Can I open more than one account?
No, that is forbidden and any user who gets caught doing that will have all his/her accounts suspended.

When Will i get paid?
You will be paid in up to 48 business hours.

What payment processors do you accept?
We currently accept LibertyReserve and AlterGold

What is the minimum and maximum upgrade?
Minimum upgrade per package is $5 and the maximum is 200 units which equivalent to $1000

Do I earn commission by referring other people?
Yes, you earn 6% of the value of their deposit, you can find your referral link after you login to your account.

Can I add my website on the rotator?
Yes, you can add up to 3 websites and you will get visitors with the credits you earn by surfing.

How many pages do I have to surf daily to earn for that day?
You must surf 12 pages a day in order to earn.

Is my personal data safe?
Yes, your name and other information you need to give on registration will never be given or sold to third parties, it will be held privately and totally safe on our database.

I cannot find my question answered here, what should i do?
Contatc us via the contact link, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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