Is this for real? I deposited $70 for 600% after 1 day, on Sept 22, 2019. Made a withdrawal request after the 1 day term was over. According to the website, withdrawals are paid within 36 hours. It has been 3 days, so I sent a message to support. Here is the reply I received this morning:

Jessica, <[email protected]>
7:04 AM (3 hours ago)
to me

Dear [name removed],

We have checked your account, you need to deposit $200 to activate your withdraw system once then your withdrawals will be processed instantly.

We use instant withdraw system this way to keep our pool active. You will get your withdrawals once you activate your withdraw system. Your new deposit will go into the plan, you can get profits from it, and you don't need to activate it again.

Please be kindly noticed. Thanks.

Best regards,
BtcGuarantee Team

Jessica Customer Support


Deposit $200 more??? Are you kidding me? This smells like a SCAM. Has anybody made a deposit over $20 and legitimately gotten paid? I'm glad my deposit was only $70.00...