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    Default unionsurf -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    8% for 15 days= 120%
    6% for 25 days= 150% (Non-Surf)

    UnionSurf is a worldwide advertising platform that you may utilize to bring quality traffic to your websites. Not only can we bring traffic to your site but we also offer a very unique opportunity for you to earn "rebates" on every advertising dollar you spend with us. Ad packs are very reasonable and start at only $10. For every ad pack you purchase you will receive 50 ad credits and the opportunity to earn rebates at the percentages listed below. So go ahead and join for free and test our program. Then at your convenience you may purchase ad credits and begin to earn daily with UnionSurf. We offer two different kind of opportunities for you to earn. We offer a Surf Plan, where you can earn daily by viewing other advertisers web sites and we also offer a Non-Surf Plan, where you may simply purchase a membership and earn daily without surfing. The choice is yours. Please see the plans below to decide which plan may be best for you.

    Join for Free
    100 free credits for joining
    Surf up to 25 sites daily
    May add 1 site to rotation
    Surf for credits only
    Free Members can not earn
    Free Members can not cashout

    8% for 15 days = 120% (Must Surf Daily)
    6% for 25 days = 150% (Non-Surf Plan)
    Surf 15 sites daily to earn in the surf plan
    3% referral commission
    May add 3 sites to rotation
    Upgrade cost $10 per ad pack
    Minimum purchase is $10
    Maximum purchase is $2000
    We Accept Liberty Reserve, Altergold, STP, StrictPay & E-Bullion

    VIP Accounts will earn 5% Referral Commission
    VIP Accounts may add 5 sites to rotation
    VIP Accounts requires a $500 purchase or more

    For more information, visit

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    I am the admin of UnionSurf. Check out our program, we have made a few changes:

    8% for 15 days= 120% (Must surf daily)
    6% for 25 days= 150% (Non-Surf Plan)
    Minimum purchase in the above plans is ONLY $6. Max. purchase is $1800

    1% for 150 days PLUS initial purchase returned= 250% (Non-Surf Plan)
    Minimum purchase in the above plan is $20. Max. purchase is $2000.

    We pay 3%-5% referral commission.
    We accept: STP, Liberty Reserve, Altergold, StrictPay and Alertpay.

    Come check out our great, growing site.

    UnionSurf actually utilizes investments for returns.....we are NOT a ponzi scheme.


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