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Welcome to MDS-Surfing System!

Get paid for surfing!
Promoting and earning money belong together...

In cooperation with 1st class partners it is possible for us, to pay back you promotion expenses. This is made by promoter-is-watching-promotion. So we are able, to give our customers just what they want. This outstanding system creates our satisfied customers, using our service more and more.

Become a MDS-Surfing customer now and make your profit at the same time you support our promotions!

You have three possibilities to use MDS-Surfing:

1. Be a free member without any payment
You may enter one URL and earn credits to promote this site

2. Be a paying promoter and you will receive
from 1 USD => 16,50% every month
from 20 USD => 18,00% every month
from 100 USD => 19,50% every month

3. be a sponsor
Refer new members and you will get commission up to the 3rd level... that's you additional income !!!

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