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    Default Clear, Strong And Powerful Evidences That Income Always Admin Is A Super SCAMMER!

    Dear Investors and Potential Investors,

    I come to you in the name of our common destiny and fate that unite us in the HYIP's industry as we are bound to face Fraud and Scam.
    Although what happened to me is in no way new in the HYIP's industry, but I'm here to inform about the manner in which I've been SERIOUSLY scammed by

    I'm here to demonstrate through proofs and clear EVIDENCES that Admin Is A Super Scammer.
    My name is Keith Heavens and I'm here to represent my downlines and the downlines of my downlines who have given me the power and authority to speak and act on their behalf because English is not for the most part their first language.
    The list of the investors which includes my downlines and the downlines of my downlines is described as follows:
    The complete list of investors who have invested with Income Always, include my downlines and the downlines of my downline. Additionally, I have included the amount each has invested into the HYIPs Program.
    The complete list is then described as follows:

    1. Investor # 1
    Name: Keith Heavens
    Username: plannings
    Amount Invested: $10.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $11.00

    My Downlines Are:

    1. Investor # 2
    Name: Kevin Greaux
    Username: feedblitz
    Amount Invested: $90.00
    Aunt Immediately Claimed: $99.00

    2. Investor # 3
    Name: Brooks Cerullo
    Username: Workopolis
    Amount Invested: $100.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $110.00

    3. Investor # 4
    Name: Abdou Dion
    Username: trimark
    Amount Invested: $150.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $165.00

    4. Investor # 5

    Name: Gorbiz Korea
    Username: medonyx
    Amount Invested: $100.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $110.00

    Gorbiz Korea Downlines Are:
    5.Investor # 6
    Name: Donald Dinicola
    Username: yordanov
    Amount Invested: $60.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $66.00

    6. Investor # 7

    Name: Nick Walsh
    Username: trainz
    Amount Invested: $110.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $121.00

    7. Investor # 8
    Name: Benett Gillian
    Username: theway
    Amount Invested: $80.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $88.00

    8. Investor # 9
    Name: Onana Owona
    Username: apps
    Amount Invested: $90.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $99.00

    9. Investor # 10

    Name: Morris Bell
    Username: spooktacular
    Amount Invested: $120.00
    Amount Immediately Claimed: $132.00

    We together have invested a total amount of $1001.00 and the total amount currently claimed amounts to $1054.60

    It is both tragic and sad!
    My own withdrawal request have been cancelled three times within a 24 hours period. Those of my 5 downlines have been subjected to the same horrific, cruel, extremely unacceptable, absolutely inadmissible and totally and completely intolerable treatment as that scrupulous behavior displays the highest degree of criminality. Income Always "mantel" of PAYING status doesn't mirror its true nature and characteristics as Super Scammer.
    Please anyone who desires to get the full and complete details of the story which include all the Evidences of Withdrawal Cancellations and all the " Withdrawal Has Been Sent" emails generated by https:// system should get in contact with me to request them and receive them promptly as Evidences of SCAM/FRAUD. back office does not reveal any withdrawal cancellations since Income Always Scammer has ensured that no such evidence gets seen. Consequently he has deleted them all.
    Fortunately, I have outperformed Income Always by being proactive in making each single time copies and scan copies of all withdrawal requests which were made and which are undeniable proofs that withdrawal requests have been all cancelled.
    Additionally, I have all emails of” Withdrawal has been sent” generated by as a result of making a withdrawal request. These EVIDENCES are UNDENIABLE proofs that withdrawal requests have been repeatedly cancelled, which is an awful SCAM behavior.
    Income Always Is A Super SCAMMER!
    1. https://incomealways hasn't paid us for over the past 48 hours but the records of our transactions on his back office reflect no withdrawal request made which is a SCAM/FRAUD in its purest form., as ALL withdrawal requests are being cancelled and returned back REPEATEDLY into our accounts balances. So far THREE(3) have been cancelled and I have ALL THE EVIDENCES TO PROVE THAT is a Super SCAMMER of the highest degree.
    Please contact me to get the full and complete EVIDENCES of SCAM/FRAUD!
    Please carefully take note that his SCAM/FRAUD is based on avoiding his record to display pending withdrawal of over 24 hours to prevent being reprimanded by HYIPs monitors who will clearly see that he has not paid us for that length of time. Hence, he cancels the withdrawal requests and leave no indication on his records of such withdrawal requests being made. This is an awful conduct SCAM/FRAUD of the highest degree.
    When I contacted all the HYIPs monitors' Income Always is listed with for the purpose of reporting his awful SCAM activities, I made sure to warn them not to conduct a verification process in a superficial way, I suggested that they shouldn't base their verification procedure on superficial observation as Income Always will succeed at scamming them since there is no indication on his back office that we've EVER made a withdrawal request . Instead, I suggested that they should rely on profound and deep thinking by focusing on other sources of information such as:

    1. "Withdrawal Request Has Been Sent" generated by system which I possess and which I'm willing and totally ready to forward to anyone desiring to witness the clear, strong and powerful EVIDENCES that has been cancelling our withdrawal requests, behavior which is SCAM in its purest and loudest form.

    2. Scan copies made from which reveal the 3 withdrawal requests made and cancelled.
    This is SCAM/FRAUD of the highest degree.
    At this point, I want to report this conduct and fraudulent activity as a SCAM in its purest form and highest degree.
    Our withdrawal requests are being repeatedly cancelled and returned to our accounts balances simply because Income Always doesn't want to pay us.
    Income Always Admin Is A Super, Super SCAMMER!
    More than 48 hours have passed without us being paid which is a waste of our time and money.
    That's just TOO MUCH....
    Again, the " Withdrawal Request Has Been Sent" email generated by system are ready to be sent to ANY ONE upon requesting proof of EVIDENCES in addition to the scan copies that clearly reveal that has been REPEATEDLY cancelling our withdrawal request and sending the amount back to our respective accounts balance for the past 48 HOURS.
    That's just too much of a scam and frustration to bear....
    This is SCAM in its purest form!
    Beware of Income Always' admin as he is a Super, Super and Super SCAMMER. Don't you dare invest in there!
    My downlines and the downlines of my downlines and I, have been SERIOUSLY scammed for a relatively large amount of money by
    This is to warn you NEVER EVER dare to invest in except if you wish to face the same misery and high level disappointments, and deep and profound regrets that may traumatize you for the rest of your life.

    Income Always displays the sad attributes of the real and pure SCAMMERS who solely care about themselves and money, thereby relegating others to a place of non-existence.
    No feelings whatsoever!
    Stay clear! Stay away from
    I hope this warning helps you protect your hard-earned money.
    The program initially is designed and structured to SCAM investors.
    Additionally, the outrageous interest rates that go up to 400% after 12 days are another direct EVIDENCE that is a SUPER SCAMMER as I strongly believe that he can't generate in any trading activities returns that would allow him to pay the kinds of astronomical interest rates that he promises to investors in his investment plans.
    If he can afford paying 200%, 400% after a couple of days, logically he'll not need to collect money from investors. This implies then that he his investment plan is designed and structured for SCAM..
    And as a SCAMMER, he needs to develop tactics and strategies to effectively succeed in stealing people's money by cancelling withdrawal requests and returning the money into the respective accounts.
    Consequently, we are correct to conclude that, at the very least his investment plans are designed and structured to scam investors. To achieve his criminal goals, he needs to put in place a mechanism such as cancelling withdrawal requests as opposed to taking responsibility to pay investors because he simply can afford to pay them as a scammer.
    Conclusively, we are correct to deduct that he is neither a trader nor works in conjunction with any traders. His sole activity is a Professional Scammer.
    Income Always' admin is a SUPER SCAMMER and as such I highly warn you never to attempt investing into that program.
    The program will soon closed down as I’ve filed a complaint against him to the FBI, the Internet Police and 30 other international organizations that fight against Fraud /Scam all over the world.

    He is now wanted by the FBI and The Internet Police. It is just a matter of days until his program is shut down and he himself arrested and put in jail exactly as it happened in the case of Liberty Reserve’s admin
    Again, I strongly advise you to stay away from that CRIMINAL!

    Income Always deserves to be arrested, brought to JUSTICE, and jailed for many years as heavy price to pay for scamming honest people and to help alleviate pain and suffering in the world.
    I'm going to spend the rest of my life, my time, money I have in the bank, my knowledge, courage, determination, endurance, perseverance to have him arrested and jailed. I'll NEVER EVER REST UNTIL HE IS BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, UNTIL JUSTICE ROLLS DOWN LIKE WATER, AND INTEGRITY LIKE A MIGHTY STREAM.


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    Thanks for this update. I am glad you posted it.

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    Post http://www

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