Hi There,
Without checking http://www.allhyipmonitors.com and
http://allmonitors.net, mistakenly I invested $130.00 onhttp://nbcglobal.net which carries aPAYING status on Goldpoll's monitor site.

For an investment of $130.00 the site pays 8% per day for 15days. After 3 days, I had an accumulated pending withdrawal of $31.20 whichmeans that I had not been paid for 3 consecutive days.

I wrote 3 consecutive emails to NBC Global's admin to remindhim of my pending withdrawals. I got no replies.

Below is my 4th consecutive email to him:

"Hi There,

This is my 4th consecutive email to you with no replies!

Just as a reminder, Ihave invested $130.00 on September 23, 2013 and up
until today, September29, 2013, I haven't been paid a CENT. I have an
accumulated $51.99pending withdrawal over the course of the past 5 days.

Please kindly provideservices as outlined on your website and please
refrain from having afalse representation of your services in an effort
to defraud/lure yourinvestors which might have a detrimental effect on
you and your businessactivity.

Your immediatecooperation and prompt understanding inthis important
matter would begreatly appreciated.

Thank you verymuch."

24 hours after writing the above 4th consecutive friendlyreminder, I decided that I have waited long enough and that it was about timeto start taking some actions against him.

I wrote a bad vote that described the situation I was in asstated above and the amount of pending withdrawal that he owed me in additionto my 4 emails that had not being replied. I made sure to leave mylogin details for effective verification.

When he saw the bad vote on Goldpoll monitoring site, hewent straight ahead and blocked my account to avoid Goldpoll 's verification.

Unfortunately, Goldpoll's admin was slow in reacting inregards to accessing my account before the NBC Global's admin would block myaccount.

With my account being blocked, Goldpoll's admin had noevidence that I had invested in the program and wasn't been paid. In order to prove that payment wasindeed made, I sent him a transfer memo from Perfect Money that reflected thepayment amount, date and time and batch number.

Unfortunately for me, all my efforts happen to be in vain asGoldpoll's admin didn't react on time to access my account before it had becomeinaccessible or blocked and second he did not use the payment memo that I senthim to confront NBC Global's admin to show him that payment was made into hisPM account.

As days passed I kept on posting bad votes on NBC Global'ssite and upon noticing the bad votes NBC Global's admin contacted me telling methat if I remove the votes on his website he is willing to reopen my account.To re- use his words he had no problem opening my account.

Below is his email that I'm posting here:

"Why you don't want open your account? We have not anyproblem for open
your account. But youshould remove your bad votes in goldpoll. Just this.
Why you don't removethis votes?"
Apparently, English might not be his first language...

Upon receiving that email, I used it as a testimonial or anevidence that NBC Global's admin hasblocked my account. I quickly forwardedit to Goldpoll's admin as a proof that indeed my account was blocked by NBCGlobal's admin.

However up until today despite all accumulated facts that Ihave gathered to prove that the owner of http://nbcglobal.net is a BIG SCAMMER, Goldpoll's admin has not reacted to my series of emails to take actionagainst NBC Global's admin and to change his PAYING status into SCAM. This FAKEstatus is hugely misleading to potential investors.

I'm here to inform potential investors that:

1. http://nbcglobal.net PAYING status is misleading and FAKE!

2. The only monitor that displays a PAYING status forhttp://nbcglobal is

Goldpoll. Please proceed to verify that information bychecking the 2 monitors I've mentioned above.

3. All other monitors display either SCAM or PROBLEM orCLOSED or NOT PAYING

4. Please investors, to avoid being scammed, always taketime to check the 2 monitors I've mentioned above. It is a great tool that putstogether all monitors in one place. It helps to know the real status of a givenprogram. Due diligence is one of the most important steps to carry on becauseif the status of a program is not homogeneous, chances are you'll not get paidand you'll loose your money.

Let's think about it. Even when the status of a programdisplays PAYING you may not get paid how much more when it shows PROBLEM or NOTPAYING or SCAM as in the case of NBC Global all monitors are displaying at thevery least PROBLEM.

If I had checked all monitors, I wouldn't have even considered investing in http://nbcglobal.net.

Consequently as was shocked to see what status NBC Globaldisplays in other monitors sites. I'm therefore not surprised of his fraudulentactivities and have filed a complaint against him both to the FBI and theInternet Police.

He is a criminal. The kind of criminal wanted by theInternational Police.

Finally, do not let Scammers take advantage of you bystealing your hard earned. There areseveral organizations in place whose sole mission and daily duties are toarrest and bring to justice criminals like NBC Global's admin.

Do not hesitate to take a stand against them by filing acomplaint to the organizations I'm listing here below. They'll be more thanhappy to help you get your money back in addition to shutting down the scammer'sbusiness and bringing him to justice in order to reduce Cyber crimes in theworld.
They are secret Police and will arrest criminals whereverthey are hiding as they arrested the owner of Liberty Reserve.

Think about it! Onlyin the USA alone victims of scams loose over 1 BILLION of dollars a year. The international police is day and nightfighting to reduce Internet fraud and scam. By filing complaints, we arejoining the rank of those whose mission is to protect honest people andincarcerate criminals such as NBC Global's admin.

Let's courageously join the fight against Fraud and Scams.

Please find below and extensive list of organizations thatare waiting to help you in a situation that apparently seems desperate.

List of Organizations:

1. Fraud And Scams


2. Web- Police


3. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)


4. FBI Internet Fraud


5.Canadian Anti Fraud Center


6. Better Business Bureau


7. Onguard Online


8. Action Fraud Police UK


9. Quack Watch


10. Royal Canadian Mounted Police


11. Canadian Anti Fraud Center


12. Complaint Line Australia


13. Fight Fraud FindJustice


14. FTC Complaint Assistance


15. Internet Fraud And Scams Australian Police


16. National White Collar Center


17. Krebs On Security


18. Internet Police


Please when filing take time to file to at least 10 of them,if not all. I personally file to all. The whole filing process takes meapproximately 2 hours. The More organizations you get to file with, the fastestyou expedite the process.

Thank you for taking the time to read!