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Welcome to Dailyincomebux.com

Dailyincomebux is an advertising site where you can expose your web site/page to thousands of potential customers world wide. Our concept is different from autosurf sites!

Joining Dailyincomebux is absolutely free of charge.

Dailyincomebux is a new revolution in the advertising industry. Members will be paid from 4% - 10% daily depends on the ad pack purchase. When a withdrawal is placed, their ad pack expires

For Example:

If you make a withdrawal after 14 days you will earn 10% daily on your ad pack.

If you make a withdrawal after 8 days you will earn 18% daily on your ad pack

If you make a withdrawal after 21 days you will earn 7% daily on your ad pack.

If you make a withdrawal after 45 days you will earn 4% daily on your ad pack.

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We Accept: AlterGold, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve

Our Member Benefits

* Free membership for 20 days
* 100 free credits for joining
* Surf up to 20 sites daily
* 1 free site to advertise
* 1% referral commission
* Upgrade To Pro with just $5.00/Ad Pack
* Cash out follows future upgrade expires


* 8% daily in 18 days
* 7% daily in 21 days
* 10% daily in 14 days
* 4% daily in 45 days
* Upgrade cost $5 per unit
* Fast Payouts within 48hrs.
* $10,000.00 Maximum Upgrade
* 15 sites to surf a day

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