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Turn a 5 Ad Pack Into 10
- Turn a 10 Ad Pack Into 20
- Turn a 100 Ad Pack Into 200


* 50 Page views Signup Bonus.
* Ad Packs ONLY 1.00 per pack, min. 5 - max. 1,000.
* Ad Packs expire after 6 mths or when paid out 2 to 1**
* Revenue Sharing paid out weekly!*
* 10% Referral Commission paid weekly, no minimum!*
* Free Members are welcome!
* We accept Alertpay, SafePay & SolidTrust Pay
* Liberty Reserve (please ask)

3 Most Active Free Members Will Receive a Ca$h Prize On The 1st. Of Every Month!
NO HYPE AND NO EMPTY PROMISES : AdPackNetwork is based on a simple but solid business concept "We Share What We Earn", that means we do not promise that you earn a fixed amount or percentage on the Ad Packes(s) you may purchase. Instead you will earn a share of the overall advertising revenue, that way we can guarantee that AdPackNetwork will be in business for the long term!.
* If you own a UBIEE ENVIRO PROJECT debit card, we will transfer your earnings to your card once a week no minimum. Alternatively you will be paid to your Alertpay account when you earned minimum $5.00.
** The maximum pay out on 1 Ad Pack is 2.00 equal to a 100% return on the purchase price.


Traffic Generation

When you join AdPackNetwork you receive 50 page views, which means your webpage(s) will be shown to 50 other members for minimum 20 seconds each. To generate more traffic to your webpage(s) you can:

* Earn credits by watching webpages belonging to other members.
* Purchase additional credits from AdPackNetwork.
* Purchase one or more Ad Packs.
* Receive free credits from other members.

You are guaranteed that other members will actually look at your webpage(s) because AdPackNetwork is a manual traffic exchange, so they will have to click a button after each page viewed.

Want More Exposure & More Features? Listen to this... When you join, you will also receive the following:

* 100 Free Banner Impressions
* 100 Free Text Ad Impressions
* Download Builder - Add 1 Of Your Own Favorite Programs
* 5 Link Trackers

Revenue Sharing

When you have joined AdPackNetwork you have the opportunity to purchase 5 or more Ad Packs. The Ad Packs will not only generate additional traffic to your webpage(s) but can generate earnings for you - here is one example:
You purchase 5 Ad Packs for a total of 5.00 or approx $8.00 and you watch the minimum of 20 webpages every day.

Week 1:

* 200 Ad Packs are sold (200 * $1.60 = $320) and an additional $25.00 are earned on the sale of other advertising packages (credits/banner ads/text ads). 90% of the Ad Pack owners surf the required number of pages per day.
That means 64% of the total $345 is being shared by 90% of the Ad Pack owners. For you that means you earn (($345 * 0.64)/(200 * 0.90))*5 Ad Packs = $6.13

What If: Imagine if you then had referred 3 people that each purchased 5 Ad Packs as well. That would mean you earned an additional (15 Ad Packs * $1.60) * 10% = $2.40 or a total of $8.53.

In this example you have actually earned back what you have paid within 1 week!.

Keep in mind this just an example, we cannot guarantee specific earnings. The example however illustrates how the program can possibly work and how quickly initial advertising costs can be more than covered by applying our Revenue Sharing model.

Share AdPackNetwork With Others

As mentioned above you earn a 10.00% referral commission on those people you personal refer to AdPackNetwork who purchase one or more Ad Packs. That means you earn 0.10 or approx. $0.15 on every Ad Pack they purchase.

Keep in mind that even if $0.15 is not a lot of money, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer and as you earn on their future purchases as well then it does not take much work to start earning $100, $250, $500 or more every month.

The referral program is open to both free members as well as Ad Pack owners.

For more information, visit
AdPackNetwork.com- Homepage

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