GentleSurf is a unique profit sharing and advertising club.
We gives you the opportunity to get a return of 11% from your advertising share in our program daily for 12 days. Profits are paid to your account daily when you do your surfing day (Surf 11 pages to earn, 14s timer for each credit). 132% of profits last 12 days, you can earn more with our referral system (Free 2% - Upgraded 6%)
You may request a withdrawal at anytime with NO MINIMUM and NO 50/50 RULE!.

All withdrawal requests are processed manualy within 0-24 hours. Get paid 24/24 hours and 7 days a week. There are no withdrawal fees or limits. No 50/50 Rule with our website!

Principal System.

* AD Share from $3 to $3,000
* Earn 11% daily for 12 days - 132% profits
* Must surf 11 pages to earn daily
* Referral Commission 2% - 6%
* eGold accepted, we work to add other processors
* No Minimum Payout
* Prices credits, 10 for $0.03 - 100 for $0.25 - 1k for $2.2 - 10k for $18
* Free Member can earn, cashout when upgrade
* We don't accept any act of spam or cheat, please read the term/faq

For more information, visit
GentleSurf - Satisfaction Guaranteed - 132% of Profits

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